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When the Mind Departs The Flesh
August 2012
Released: 2012, Depraved Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having begun their quest to forge an extreme metal band, ex- members of Ted Maul and Voodoo Monkey travelled from Gibraltar to the UK in search of forming a cohesive line-up. Having recruited the talents of Dan Ford (Ex-Sikth drummer) the band reached a level of completion which in turn led to recording demos and EP’s. When The Mind Departs the flesh is the fruit of their labours, which from the early stages of its destructive sound, certainly show their hard work paying off.

After an errie intro of muffled voices ‘Hail Flesh’ slides into the first track ‘Demon Barber surgeon’. The techy death metal overtures, deep throated growls and chaotic drumming pulls the listener into a maelstrom of apocalyptic proportions whilst the mid breakdown offers a brief moment to catch your breath, before the onslaught of gritty guitar riffs pummel forward.

Dan Ford’s drumming skills are perfectly shown in ‘Space Occupying Lesion’ as the thunderously loud drumming slants over the sinister riffs, providing some down and dirty death metal passages with enough shredding to peel the flesh of your ears. A guitar solo intercepts with some finger tapping mastery showing just how well rounded and tight these guys are.

Most of the album follows in a similar format with tracks such as ‘Ways of The Wise’, a personal highlight, with its lead guitar sweeps and the eccentric drumming of ‘Both Sides of The River’. However, the album doesn’t just stop there, amidst all its progressive and its criminally talented focus upon death/ extreme metal is the darkly lit electro vibe of Absence of The Corpus Luteum’. ‘Dissolved and Diluted’ pervades a bleak industrial aura as the whisperings paint a truly evil sounding tapestry which wouldn’t sound out of place in a horror movie.

Frank the Body Snatcher: Goes out with a bang as the fury is as relentless as ever, as the assault of metal influences burst full of life and soul while never shying away from their jaw dropping guitar wizardry and enraged drum work.

Overall, this is a solid release by a band who know how strike the perfect balance between solid song writing and a good sense of experimentation. While the album may be a bit indigestible for some metal fans and may take a while to fully absorb the various layers of technicality that has gone into it, what you are left with is an exhilarating ride of tech death metal that never seems to repeat itself. There are constant twists, turns and off-the-walls moments to satisfy most fans and keep musicians astounded.

Review By Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Hail Flesh
2. Demon Barber Surgeon
3. Space Occupying Lesion
4. Ways of the Wise
5. Absence of the Corpus Luteum
6. Both Sides of the River
7. Misery Redefined
8. Dissolved and Diluted
9. Vascular Deficit
10. We All Must Die
11. Entering the Domains of the Body Snatcher
12. Frank the Body Snatcher


Nick Barboon: Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Stenosis (Lead guitarist)
Paul Orbitoclast Voulgaridis: Tendinosis & Impulse control disorder
New Bassist: To be announced for the Low Dead Pulses department of bass
James Perry Extreme High Blood Pressure & Irregular Heart Beats
Solomon.J.Lucifier.Christ: Throat Disorder & Psychiatric S-scapes

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