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Messiah's Kiss
Get Your Bulls Out!
June 2015
Released: 2014, Massacre Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The problem with releasing an album late in the year means it usually gets passed over by the mainstream metal media in their frenzied rush to create their generic ‘Top-whatever’ lists for that year that they started writing in October. I think Messiah’s Kiss comeback album GET YOUR BULLS OUT was a victim of such circumstances because I saw very little press on it.

I hesitated writing this review for several months because I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this album. Previously, Germany’s Messiah’s Kiss had three solid album of Euro-Metal and then took a seven-year hiatus. In that time-span they switched from SPV over to Massacre and despite maintaining a very stable line-up for years, it seems they had a bit of re-calibration.

On initial impression, I don’t like the changes. The title, while supposed to be clever reference to testicles is just silly. The previous album all featured wicked album art featuring naked angel-chicks in fantasy settings and now we get some sort of goofy bull-man character. The new direction extends not only to the album art but song titles and musical direction. The bands former Power Metal has had a healthy injection of rock n’ roll swagger which is unwelcome to my ears. The album is not fast enough or heavy enough for my tastes.

Let’s focus on the positives. The production is superb! Everything is crystal clear and well-balanced. The song-writing is top-notch for the style, very catchy songs, good melodies, and excellent individual performances. Mike Tirelli sounds excellent his voice is still strong and powerful. The album is loaded with songs, the digipak runs 72 minutes long including a Depeche Mode cover and an acoustic version of a cut on the album. There are some great cuts like ‘Symphony Of Sin’ and ‘Mission To Kill’, but others fall a bit flat.

There is nothing technically wrong with GET YOUR BULLS OUT!, it is an excellent album and if it was a brand-new band I would likely be singing it’s praises, but as it stands, the new Messiah’s Kiss album is just not the same band I know and love. I can't blame the band for wanting to do something loose and fun, but I'd like to see them recapture the Metal fire.
Track Listing

1. Livin' in Paradise
2. Immortal Memory
3. Rescue Anyone? Rescue Me!
4. Survivor (Take a Ride on My Heels)
5. Time to Say Goodbye
6. Only Murderers Kill Time
7. Fuel for Life
8. Mission to Kill
9. Symphony of Sin
10. Nobody Knows Your Name
11. Who's the First to Die
12. Whisper a Prayer
13. Without Forgiveness
14. Buried Alive


Eckhard Ostra Drums
Mike Tirelli Vocals
Jason Banks Guitar
Georg Kraft Guitar
Wayne Banks Bass
Eckhard Ostra Drums



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