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Powertrash / The Infernal Thrashing
April 2006
Released: 2006, Iron Pegasus Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Sure, Celtic Frost and Coroner are probably some of the biggest and most well known names from the Swiss metal scene - and yes, there´s no question those two particular bands have undoubtedly been somewhat big influences on many bands through many years. I mean, if we strickly limit this talking to metal, of course.

But what about the Swiss Messiah then? Does anyone even know them? Well, at least many die-hard underground metal maniacs have always shown a great appreciation toward Messiah; the band did a fistful of demos, a couple of E.P.s and 5 full-lenght albums of which probably the HYMN TO ABRAMELIN (´86) and ROTTEN PERISH (´92) albums gained most of the respect amongst the knowledgeable speed freaks and thrash bangers in the underground metal community. In the very same breath, it needs to be spitted out the band´s status unfortunately is "split up" nowadays.

Now the band´s two classic demos from 1985, INFERNAL THRASHING and POWERTRASH, have been released by Iron Pegasus Records, and at least from my part I can take my Viking helmet (with Messiah´s nearly completely worn-out sticker in the front, of course!) off my head sincerely for the boss of the label and say: "Thank you for releasing these rare gems on CD".

As for the music, well, what can you expect from the demos that have recorded in 1985 already? In a nutshell: Raw, filthy, pussy-whipping, occasionally kinda fast Speed - and Thrash Metal with some slower, almost semi-Doom Metal parts thrown in in a good measurement - that´s what you are gonna get. But HEY, in Messiah´s case that´s honestly enough really. I remember the times when I found their demos through the tape trading scene as trades with some of my trading pals, their demos left me an indelible impression back then already. It was just too bad that I unfortunately remember these copies being either 3rd,- or 4th,- or 5th times circulated already, from one trader to another, so the sound quality in them had naturally suffered a little bit, too. Therefore we can be at least thankful to Iron Pegasus Records for bringing out these two legendary Messiah demos from the dust-covered depths of the past underground metal scene, in a nicely packaged CD -format, providing them a nice and professional treatment that they both have so screamingly deserved.

In other words, if you don´t find a demo standard stuff too disturbing for your fansy ears, or your tender ass hasn´t been spoiled by a digital sound too much yet - and you are an eager fan of the band, then by all means go and get this release for yourself. And if you haven´t ever heard Messiah before, well, you can still go and get this underground metal gem for yourself. Either way, this is, more or less, an essential release. Horns up both for Messiah and Iron Pegasus Records!! m/ m/
Track Listing

01. The Doom - Intro
02. Powertrash
03. Metal March Instrumental)
04. Space Invaders
05. Future Aggressor
06. Empire of the Damned
07. Total Maniac
08. Satan's Resurrection
09. Antichrist (pure hardcore speed track)
10. Hymn to Abramelin (*)
11. Messiah (*)
12. Infernal Forces (*)
13. Thrashing Madness (*)
14. Total Maniac (live) (*)


Tschösi - Vocals & bass
Brögi - Guitar
Stony - Guitar (*)
Jazzer - Drums

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