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Captain's Loot
August 2015
Released: 2015, Massacre Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I enjoy doing these quick reviews of releases that maybe aren’t as important as a new, full-length studio album, for example EP’s, compilations, live albums and so on. I refer to these types of reviews as public service announcements, just letting people know the release exists and informing the potential buyer about it's basic features.

Messenger has been around for 25 years but only recently with the signing to Massacre Records and the release of the 2011 album ‘SEE YOU IN HELL’ have they gained wider international recognition. The German crew of Space-Pirates have just issued an EP called CAPTAIN’S LOOT. At first look it seems really cool but it is important to look a little deeper. Cutting to the chase, Massacre has just collected a bunch of previously released songs and repackaged them. Some of them are from their older and admittedly rare and obscure albums but still there is virtually no new material here.

The EP is a generous eight song, 41-minute collection that is well presented. However the fact remains with the exception of “Kill The King’ (a common and somewhat uninspired choice having been cover at least 20 times by other Metal bands) all the songs are previously issued. Sure, they are all awesome choices of bands to pay tribute to, (Dio, Helloween, Running Wild) and they get major bonus points for covering the Zed Yago cut, ‘Black Bone Song’ and getting Jutta to sing on it.

If you are a die-hard Messenger fan you won’t need this EP because you likely already have all or most of these songs, so buyer beware. For causal or new fans this is, as the title implies, a treasure chest of fun tunes, great covers and indeed it is a glimpse at the captain’s loot. I’m looking forward to STARWOLF-PART 2 and until then, this fills the gap nicely.
Track Listing

1. Sign of the Evil Master
2. Tod dem DJ
3. Asylum X-T-C
4. Kill the King
5. Port Royal
6. Black Bone Song
7. Dr. Stein
8. Don't Talk to Strangers


Siegfried Schüßler Vocals
Patrik Deckarm Guitar
Frank Kettenhofen Guitar
Gérard Sormani Bass
Markus Merl Drums



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