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Tales of Wonder
January 2000
Released: 1998, Underground Symphony
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Italy's Mesmerize are a band well on their way to attaining glory. This recording is a little rough around the edges but clearly shows the band's potential. Like their Italian metal brothers Labyrinth and Rhapsody, Mesmerize play power metal. They haven't reached the complexity levels of these bands but with another release or two they show all indications that they could. "Tales of Wonder" was recorded at Zenith Recording Studios in Lucca, Tuscany, with the aid of sound engineer Frank Andiver, former drummer of the Italian band Labyrinth!! It's clear that this band's influences include Helloween, Angra, and (big time) Iron Maiden. Proof of the Maiden influence is revealed by their cover in 1999 of the classic Maiden tune "The Prisoner" for a Maiden tribute CD entitled Children Of The Damned released by Italy's Adrenaline Records. Their version of "The Prisoner" was also sent to me and musically it's very much like the original. The vocals are very well done but you gotta remember there is, and can only be, ONE Bruce Dickinson. :-).

Since this band is still in it's developmental stages the riffs at times are simple and the vocals in places are strained. However, there are several moments on the CD where they get it right and the band shines. The two best tracks on the CD are the first two - "The Werewolf" and "Hell On Wheels." Both are up-tempo and really caught my attention the first time I listened. I'd have to say that the band's strengths are the vocals and the lead guitars. Some of you might have already heard Mesmerize's vocalist Folco Orlandini, who appeared on a few tracks of White Skull's CD "Embittered." Give Mesmerize more experience with their song-writing and look out!! For more information on this up and coming band be sure to visit their website at
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