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Destroy Erase Improve - Reloaded
March 2009
Released: 2008, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Munkwunk

Meshuggah is a band which needs no introduction. Having been around for 20 years now, these Swedish folks have been producing a kind of melodic industrial death metal sound that is fairly unique, even if it does include several different crossover music styles. There seem to be only two types of people in regards to Meshuggah: those who love them, and those who can't stand to listen to them. If you happen to fall anywhere in between you are an exception to the rule.

DESTROY ERASE IMPROVE – RELOADED isn't likely to change your opinion of the band if you've already formed one. This is a remastered and released version of 1995's DESTROY ERASE IMPROVED with five additional bonus tracks thrown in for good measure. The music is full of the same frenzied, staccato riffing and drumming that Meshuggah fans are used to, accompanied by the constantly-screaming vocals of Jens Kidman. The music sounds and feels aggressive from start to finish, with only the occasional lead guitar melody used to break up what is an otherwise monotonous sound.

Long time Meshuggah fans who don't already own a copy of DESTROY ERASE IMPROVE will be pleased that this remastered album has been released, but the five bonus tracks on the album won't be enough to draw anyone who already has a copy of this classic Meshuggah album. If you're not already a member of the Meshuggah camp though, there isn't any reason you should bother with disc.
Track Listing

1. Future Breed Machine
2. Beneath
3. Soul Burn
4. Transfixion
5. Vanished
6. Acrid Placidity
7. Inside Whats Within Behind
8. Terminal Illusions
9. Suffer In Truth
10. Sublevels
11. Vanished (demo)
12. Suffer In Truth (demo)
13. Inside What's Within Behind (demo)
14. Gods Of Rapture (live)
15. Aztec Two-Step


Thomas Haake - Drums/Vocals
Jens Kidman - Lead Vocals
Fredrik Thordendal - Rhythm/Solo Guitar and Synths
Marten Hagstrom - Rhythm Guitar
Peter Nordin - Bass Guitar

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