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Live Offerings
January 2016
Released: 2015, Great Dane Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Five minutes into listening to LIVE OFFERINGS, the words “cash grab” came to mind. However, I can’t honestly fathom who’s expected to buy this mess. Granted, Mercyless released a pretty stellar album in 1992 (ABJECT OFFERINGS), but for the most part they’ve been relegated to the footnotes of death metal history. LIVE OFFERINGS is an “official bootleg” recorded from a show during a recent tour, and while I can get behind the band wanting to release a “raw” or “untouched” live recording, I can’t get behind releasing a blatantly awful product and charging fans money for it.

It’s 2016 folks – capturing a live recording with some degree of sonic quality, even an “official bootleg”, isn’t that hard. Hell, I was listening to better quality bootlegs than this in 1992 – back when you had to smuggle a tape recorder into a gig and hope you didn’t get trampled on in the pit. The mics used to record LIVE OFFERINGS sound like they were under a blanket the whole time, and there’s no mix to speak of at all. Each of the ten tracks exhibit the same flat and one dimensional presentation, making it wholly difficult to listen to and focus on the band’s performance. Which if there’s one saving grace with this whole debacle, it’s Mercyless themselves. The actual performances from the band are fantastic; a proper recording of those performances would have been amazing and only further salts the wound further on what a gyp LIVE OFFERINGS is.

Last comment and I’ll get off my soapbox – if you’re going to package and release a product like this, price it for what it is. This is not at all worth a full price CD/download – this is at best an add-on to a new studio disc or as a discounted digital release. But the prospect that maybe, somewhere there’s a kid that’ll plunk down some hard earned cash on this thing expecting to hear “A Message for All Those Who Died” in all of its glory makes my stomach hurt.

If you’re at all interested in hearing what Mercyless is about, Great Dane released a fabulous reissue of ABJECT OFFERINGS earlier this year and the band is working towards a new studio album in ’16. Releases like this give bands a labels a bad name. Forget LIVE OFFERINGS even exists, I’m trying to.
Track Listing

1. Substance of Purity
2. Infamy
3. A Message for All Those Who Died
4. God Is Dreaming
5. Without Christ
6. Abject Offerings
7. Probably Impure
8. Spiral of Flowers
9. Burned at the Stake
10. I Vomit This World


Max Otero – Vocals, Guitar
Matthieu Merklen – Bass
Laurent Michalak – Drums
Gautier Merklen – Guitars

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