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Mental Metal Meltdown
Board Game
December 2001
Released: 1999, JPW Metal Enterprises
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I’ve never written a review for a board game before and this could be only one I’ll review - unless JPW Metal Enterprises ends up doing another sometime down the road! Here’s a small bit of background on what this is. The game requires at least 2 players and you can play one of two styles of the game…the first one is where the winner is the one to first reach 333, the second is the first to reach the evil number of 666!!! You do so by collecting points for correctly answered questions ranging in difficulty level from “Head Bangers” to the very challenging “Metal Meltdown” questions. The board for this game has a pentagram on it…METAL!! The game is not only about metal…it LOOKS metal!!

My opinion on how the game itself plays is only based on one game because that’s all I’ve been able to do so far. That game was with fellow staff member, Rick. We were pretty much perfectly matched and our knowledge of metal is very close so we were neck and neck all the way through the game. That itself made it fun to play all the way through. I do think that the game would be even more fun with 3-4 players. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to round up some more people for a longer game! Luckily, by just luck of the draw, I won by just six points (I still have the score cards to prove it hehe!). One minor complaint, or for some this might be a bonus - the game takes a long time to play. We played the version where the winner is the first to reach 333 points. That still took us about 3 hours!! I can’t imagine spending twice as long, or even longer with more people to reach 333 or even 666!! The other criticism I’ll make is that some of the questions in the “easy” section were not at all easy and were about bands neither of us had even heard of!! Considering each of us has been into some 17 to 18 years EACH - that says something! We found ourselves playing through most of the game taking the “easy” way along with mainly using the “Head Banger” questions and often doing the “double or nothing” thing. When we felt more adventuresome we’d try one of the harder levels and we got some but overall these are REALLY hard and many require intimate knowledge of the band in question.

This was a fun game to play and we had a lot of laughs playing it. JP definitely is a walking encyclopedia of metal knowledge! Hat’s off to you for creating such a fine game covering all styles of metal from glam to death metal (yet another strength of the game).

I’m looking forward to the next game we can arrange…this time with a couple more metal heads, possibly a few beers as well….what a night that will be! Do yourself a favor and check out the game at As well, check out a recent interview with JP, who I’m very proud to say has since joined the staff, at
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