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Into the Aquatic Sector
September 2014
Released: 2014, Self-released/Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

MADROST, the Death/Thrash Metal quartet from California, have just unleashed their second full length album entitled Into the Aquatic Sector, a collection of eight ripping songs that will surely leave your ears bleeding. The band's arsenal is comprised of many elements from Geman Thrash Metal bands, sections with Grindcore style fast drumming ,and nicely played old school Speed Metal riffs, flavored with a vocalist that sounds like a cross between Kurt Bachman of BELIEVER and Denis "Snake" BĂ©langer's vocal style on the first three VOIVOD albums. There's even some high pitch screams remiscient of SLAYER and DESTRUCTION thrown in. The production is a nod towards old school Death/ Thrash bands, with crunchy guitars and raw, live sounding drums. Sometimes the band takes a full on Death Metal approach, specially when guitar solos are added, or when the drummer goes full throttle on some of the faster parts.

After a weird intro, "Frozen Beneath The Snow" sees the band getting down to business right away: the song begins as a straight forward Thrash Metal assault, up until we get of those aforementioned Schmier-type shrieks that then proceeds to a more Death Metal arrangement. In these song, and indeed the rest of the album, MADROST's biggest strength is their ability to shift from one style to the other in a very seemless fashion. "Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol", one of the highlights of this album, sees the band adding some dual guitar melodies during the verses. The title track is also of note, with its insane drum patterns and an acoustic section in the middle of the song leading up to the guitar solo parts. While a big chunk of the album is pretty much Thrash Metal with some Death Metal sections, album closer "Depravity" is the opposite, though it still remains within the album's overall style thanks to Tanner Poppit's vocals.

Bands of Thrash as well as Death Metal should give MADROST a try: they have put out a solid effort in Into The Aquatic Sector that straddles the line between those two genres. The album seems a little short, with only six proper songs and two brief instrumental intros, but it definitely leaves an impression on listeners. The six songs in question are well composed and will keep your head banging even after the record stops.

Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. The Unknown
2. Frozen Beneath The Snow
3. Universal Energy
4. Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol
5. The Oceanic Prelude
6. Subterranean Nightmare
7. Into The Aquatic Sector
8. Depravity


Tanner Poppitt - Vocals/Guitar
Alejandro Pelaez - Guitar
Richard Orellana- Bass
Cesar Escobar - Drums

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