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October 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

4 young thrashers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Meltdown, have been gaining some name for themselves with their relentless live shows and all-out, old school thrash metal that takes no prisoners. The first strike should always be deadly as it fortunately is in Meltdown´s and their debut album´s, titled EXECUTIONER, case.

The guys of Meltdown have well built up their weapons on EXECUTIONER - to kill. Listening to the songs off EXECUTIONER, one could say the perfect motto for these guys could definitely be: "Old school thrash - the only school". This is seriously all about thrashing your heart out in the name of ´80s thrash metal scene. Hints to such legendary thrash names as Exodus, Exumer and Destruction are all around in their songs, but that´s only a cool thing since that´s what it´s all about in the old school thrash anyway: Paying homage to your elder gods, if you know what I mean buy this. For example the opening riff in "Executioner" does sound kinda familiar indeed. Did someone say "Mad Butcher"? Ha, these fellas surely know what I´m talking about here. However, even if there´s so many familiar elements present in Meltdown´s tracks, one feels like taking his/her hats off for these guys´ devotion and determination to sound like a thrash act back from the day. In fact, Meltdown sound like they could have been doing their shit since the ´80s up to this very day, refusing to modernize their sound even an inch - and just simply sticking to their guns and giving the best impact out of them the best they can. Some wise choices have obviously been made in this camp for sure. Besides that, there´s no need to update your sound as long as you kick ass the same way like Meltdown do. Their neck-breaking riffs are good, the soloing is good, Dan´s aggressive vocalism is good - and in fact, Meltdown´s thrash is all thoroughly churned out in a very pleasingly good way from start to finish on EXECUTIONER.

Along with bands like Violator, Fueled By Fire, Merciless Death, HeXeN, Exmortus and some other new thrash bands coming especially from the American soil, Meltdown makes absolutely a nice addition to this ever-growing list of worth checking out bands with their self-released debut album EXECUTIONER. They do deserve your support more than a great bunch of other (lousy) metal acts that have a recording deal in their pockets on some major labels. I strongly recommend you to give them a shot.
Track Listing

01. One by One
02. Executioner
03. Black Tar Sin
04. Death and Destruction
05. Murdered to Death
06. Souls
07. Panic
08. Double the Blood
09. Thrashatonement
10. Next Attack


Dan Wetmore - Vocals & guitar
Jeff Potts - Guitar
Ben Mottsman - Bass
Adam Haritan - Drums

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