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The World Needs a Hero
June 2001
Released: 2001, Sanctuary Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

And so it arrives. Obviously most of you have heard at least some of this already and will have made your judgment on it by now. Well, I guess it’s obvious right from the start that this ain’t the return to RUST IN PEACE that we were all led to believe was coming. No, instead, TWnaH is a different beast entirely. Rather, it is more like the best ‘Deth album since CtE, right up there with YOUTHANASIA and CRYPTIC WRITINGS. So, those of you who were expecting the old ‘Deth to return might as well quit reading right now.

While Mustaine’s promises of a return to form are not entirely true, TWnaH is still a good album in its own right. “Disconnect” is one of the best ‘Deth songs of the 90’s, getting as close as possible to the ass kickers that the band used to crank out on a regular basis. I’d put “DatFM” in there too despite its closeness to “Sweating Bullets”. Therein lies the catch of this disc – yeah, it’s a slight return to form, but it’s nothing earth shattering and it all kinda carries a “heard it before” vibe, the true magic of Megadeth lost forever.

Elsewhere we get pure stomper “Recipe for Hate...Warhorse” which may be a new ‘Deth classic while “Moto Psycho” (which already seems to be the most liked song on the disc) revs up and lets Mustaine and Pitrelli shred away in classic 80’s style. Also, say what you want about album closer “When”, but I dig just about all of its 9+ minutes of action.

That’s not to say that Mustaine doesn’t trip over himself at times though. The ballad “Promises” still has a certain RISK-y stench to it, while “Losing My Senses” just makes no sense. As for “1000 Times Goodbye”? I’m still kinda on the fence with this one. Man, I just don’t know. I hope this album serves as the wake up call that Vic sorely needs, ‘cause there are moments on here where ya just kinda go “Yeah, this is what it should be”. I think that the jury’s already been out on this one, but the best thing I can say about it is this: Since I got the damn thing, it’s my most played CD.

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