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Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good
March 2002
Released: 2002, Loud Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

(Re-Released: 2002 by Loud Records)

One of the great classic albums of thrash metal has been finally re-released and repackaged. Of course I’ve had this album since the 80’s and I assume a great percentage of you reading this have the album or have heard it. So this will not really be a review of the actual album but a look at the re-release so you can decide if buying another copy of this album is worth your hard earned cash!

The main selling point of this album is the sound quality. The original release of KILLING IS MY BUSINESS from 1984 sounds VERY much like an underground recording from 1984 complete with thin scratchy sounding guitars. For some, this is a part of the album’s charm. For me it’s a reason not to play the album as much. Thanks to Loud Records that problem is solved, as much as possible. The label went into the vaults and recovered and restored the original tapes used for the album’s recording. Then Megadeth producer/engineer Bill Kennedy remixed the album using today’s technology and tools. The digital re-mastering results can be heard on the CD. The guitars still have their bite and edge, but not because of poor scratchy sound quality. The drum sound is better but don’t expect it to sound like this was recorded yesterday…it was not of course! The bottom line is, this makes the original sound like crap!! The album cover is not the original either. It looks like any of Megadeth’s cool skull/Vic t-shirts that have come out over the years. Even though the original album cover is cheesy as hell, I prefer it and grew to love it for its silliness! The other bonus for the album is all the liner notes. There are forwards there from Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson as well as Anthrax’s Scott Ian. Throughout the booklet there are liner notes after each song as well. There are three bonus tracks on here, but don’t get excited, it’s not un-earthed material you haven’t heard before. It’s just demo versions of three of the albums songs. Too bad they didn’t have some unreleased material or maybe some live material form the KILLING gigs they did. The only criticism of the album is the song “These Boots.” As you’ve probably read in the press releases for this album the original dickhead who penned this song found Megadeth’s cover version a bit too “vile and disgusting.” As a result if the band wanted to use it they had to edit out all the “fuck’s” and “god damn’s” etc…censorship and small minded thinking like that bites!! The band let their fans decide…leave it off or put it there with beeps over the “bad” language. In my opinion the song is ruined. I would of voted to not put it there if I knew this would be the end result…but fuck it, I have the original version if I ever feel the urge to hear it in all its original “vile and disgusting” glory.

So there is it, the re-release of a classic metal album. Listening to this brings to mind the days of tight jeans and high-top white basketball sneakers…with the laces undone and the tongues hanging way out of course! Just look at the promo photo in the CD! A great album to “Rattle your god damn head” to indeed!

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