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Arsenal Of Megadeth (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2006, EMI / Capitol
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

ARSENAL OF MEGADETH is the fourth video compilation by Megadeth. Let’s face it. Record companies are a business, we cannot fault them for that, so they can and do reissue material so that can make money. Fair enough. In this case this is the best of the four video compilations but it is still flawed.

This Two Disc set features 20 of the bands 24 videos from the Capitol years. They run chronologically and cover the seven albums the band did with Capitol. Think about…24 videos, that is in the elite class with only perhaps a dozen bands ever getting to that point. Beyond that the band has shot another 10 videos since leaving Capitol for a total of 34. It would be nice to have them all in one package but we know that will never happen, due to legal issue about who owns what. The fact is that the label (Capitol) only has 20 of the 24 videos in inexcusable. Was it done on purpose so they could release yet another DVD (or Blu-Ray ™ down the road and add the four ‘missing’ videos? It would not surprise me. Holding some content back for future releases is a common trick in the industry. It was not a matter of length or time restrictions because this is a two disc set. This was released in 2006 and the four missing videos were all done by 2000. Was it just sheer incompetence? I suspect we may never know. For the record the four missing videos are ‘Angry Again’, 99 Ways To Die’, Breadline’ and ‘Crush ‘Em’.

It was around the time of YOUTHANASIA that I stopped following the band for several dark years 1994-2001 and therefore there were six or seven videos I had never seen, so it was nice to finally see them. The DVD itself doesn’t have a booklet but does have a gorgeous cover. MTV and Much Music generally stopped showing Metal videos in the mid-90’s and YouTube didn’t come on-line until April 2005 so at the time in when this as released in March 2006, it was pretty cool to most of the videos collected in one place. Now, of course you can see them on-line anytime for free.

I like the fact that there is no real ‘bonus’ footage per se, all the bonus stuff is integrated chronologically into the DVD’s. That is a clever move and I really like how they did it. It gives the DVD more of a historical overview with the interview clips spliced in. Along with the 20 videos there are 16 additional segments (the bonuses, if you will) featuring live performances, TV appearances (including a funny little cameo by Dave Mustaine on the Drew Carey show) lots of interviews and backstage stuff. There are some hidden bonuses including Marty Friedman’s audition and various ‘making of’ segments for a few videos.

I looked at and saw there were already almost 50 customer reviews for ARSENAL OF MEGADETH. My opinion is no more or less valid than any other but for the sense of completion for Vicious Viewing, I wanted to do a quick review. Bottom line? It is worth getting for the 16 extra (non-formal video) features.
Track Listing

Disc 1

1. "Peace sells..." film excerpt from "Talk Radio"
2. "Peace Sells" broadcast music video s
3. Interview, 1986* compiled interview excerpts
4. "Wake Up Dead" broadcast music video
5. Penelope Spheeris intro* "Cutting Edge Happy Hour" interview
6. "In My Darkest Hour" broadcast music video
7. "So Far, So Good..." compiled interview excerpts w/ video rushes
8. "Anarchy In The U.K." music video - version without sound effects
9. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" * broadcast music video w/ film footage
10. Marty Friedman audition* [hidden track] unreleased audition footage
11. "Rust In Peace"* TV spot for album
12. On the "Clash Of The Titans" tour, 1990* compiled tour footage excerpts
13. "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" * broadcast music video - MTV edit
14. "Mission Megadeth: Headbanger's Ball", 1991* compiled excerpts from 5/18/91 broadcast show
15. "Hangar 18" music video - longform unedited version
16. "Go To Hell" broadcast music video - guitar version
17. "Countdown To Extinction"* TV spot for album
18. "Rock The Vote" 3 compiled promo clips
19. "Symphony of Destruction" broadcast music video
20. "Symphony of Destruction" (Edited Gristle Mix) music video
21. "Skin O' My Teeth"* broadcast music video; new edit
22. "High Speed Dirt" broadcast music video
23. "Foreclosure of a Dream" broadcast music video
24. "A Day in the Life of Hollywood", 1992* broadcast piece
25. "Sweating Bullets"* broadcast music video

Disc 2

1. "Evolver" [excerpt] excerpts from "Evolver" home video
2. "Train of Consequences" broadcast music video
3. Raw footage from "Train" video shoot* [hidden track] "making-of" footage shot on set
4. "Youthanasia" * TV spot for album
5. Interview, 1994* interview excerpt (Nick on album cover)
6. "Night of the Living Megadeth", Halloween 1994* broadcast interview excerpts & live performance
7. "MTV Most Wanted", 1995* broadcast performance on 3/28/95 show
8. Interview, 1994* interview excerpt (Dave on "A Tout Le Monde")
9. "A Tout Le Monde"* broadcast music video
10. Interview, 1994 contd.* interview excerpt (Dave/Nick on shows & touring)
11. "Reckoning Day"* broadcast music video
12. "Cryptic Writings"* TV spot for Album
13. "Trust" broadcast music video
14. "Trust" music video rushes* [hidden track] rushes from video shoot
15. "Cryptic TV"* EPK for "Cryptic Writing" Album
16. "Almost Honest"* broadcast music video
17. "A Secret Place"* broadcast music video (no bouncing balls version)
18. Argentina, 1998* backstage/interview/distant live shots from arena
19. "The Drew Carey Show", 1998* broadcast show - Mustaine appearance
20. "Risk" teaser film * promotional "teaser film"
21. "Insomnia"* broadcast music video
22. "Sweating Bullets" (live at Gigantour, 2005)* live concert footage
23. "Peace Sells" (live at Gigantour, 2005)* live concert footage
24. "Youthanasia" album cover shoot* raw footage of babies from album cover shoot





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