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June 2008
Released: 2008, Fullstream Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Medeia is fronted by Keijo Niinimaa alias ´G´ from the Finnish bonegrinder machine Rotten Sound in which he also bellows his guts out. While Rotten Sound enjoy straightforwardly grinding their listeners to pieces, Medeia also do the same, but in a slightly different territory than the mighty Rotten Sound.

The band call their music ´alternative death metal´ which they undoubtedly are. Medeia churn out 4 songs on this sort of ´teaser´ type of EP in 11 minutes, playing American sounding death metal with occasional keyboard parts thrown in to create some atmosphere behind the songs. The first track, "Unholy Communion", sounds a bit like if Cannibal Corpse had taken more of a metalcore type approach to their material, which in this case doesn´t sound as bad as it may read. "Na1" and "Na2" blend together death metal´s furiousness and Laura´s well played keyboard parts. I gotta say that especially in "Na2" my nuts got kicked in the hardest way possible - and even if I´m not too big fan of pain, the pain instantly turned out to be a real pleasure in this tune. "Na2" is quite a crusher of a song, but so is the last track "Medeia", which has again a bit of this ´cannibalcorpse-ish´ feeling it; much to thanks to Samuli´s well-cutting, crisp guitar riffs, similar to the Cannibal-duo Barrett/O´Brien. As for the band´s bald frontman, Keijo "G" sounds as great with his death grunts as he has always done with his other band Rotten Sound. The whole package works well for Medeia, and for that reason I can sincerely set my hopes pretty high regarding their upcoming 2nd album, to be released during this summer.
Track Listing

01. Unholy Communion
02. Na1
03. Na2
04. Medeia


Keijo Niinimaa - Vocals
Samuli Peltola - Guitar
Laura Dziadulewicz - Synth
Samuli Kuusinen - Bass
Janne Putkisaari - Drums

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