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Meatlocker Seven
September 2003
Released: 2003, Indipendent
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The first time I became aware of the Canadian groovy metallers Meatlocker Seven, was a link to their video “Systemic” which I received via my email. After seeing the video, I was truly impressed by the band´s aggressive way to churn out their metal. I wanted to hear more material from them, so I contacted them and was sent their debut CD interestingly titled THE BIOLOGICAL MECHANISM OF HATE by one of the members in Meatlocker Seven. After listening the disc a couple of times back and forth, I think it´s not wrong to say that the band´s metal is a fusion of many different kinds of existing sub-genres of metal. There´s mostly big doses of modern-day experimental-/techno-Thrash Metal in their sound, spiced with bits of Death,- Attitude,- Hardcore,- etc. Metal (YOU find the most suitable terms for them!); even some occasional Rock-elements can be spotted out of their groovily thrashing outbursts that just add even more a nice blend of variation into their songs, kind of making their music harder to get into by only one listening session. The band uses lots of unexpected twists and turns, sudden stops and starts, weird riff - and rhythm combinations inside their music that not necessarily aren´t for everyone. You need examples? How about the tracks from 1 to 9; the whole album actually?! Well, “Systemic”, the 2nd song off the album, is the album´s catchiest, easiest-to-follow and most melodic tune with lots of groove in it and my favorite out of all the 9 songs here. Also the album´s opening song, “Isolate”, sounds really cool as hell to me with some really heavy and effective guitar riffs that really nail your ears to the wall. Then they have songs like “Vague Impression”, containing some damn heavy and tasteful riffs again that brought another Canadian experimental deathsters Inner Thought to my mind in some peculiar way – and “Against the Dying” and “Lines of Blood” that need more time to get used to them due to the songs´ more difficult song structures. I admit, it´s quite hard to follow some of their song structures that accurately from time to time ´coz sometimes you get this ´a bit odd´ feeling that the guys in Metalocker Seven may have tried to push their Metal toward way too many different directions which on the other hand is nicely angry, simple and aggressive by nature and keeps on flowing just easily and naturally and all that, but at times it probably may be a bit too much for some to swallow by just one dose. Of course it also depends on the mood you are at. If you just concentrate on listening to the album by your headphones, I believe you´ll get the best out of everything they have on offer on this very promising album.

´Hard-boiled Experimental Extreme Metal´ is the term I´d like to use to describe and sum up their sound, but actually using ´nonsense terminology (!)´ to describe how this or that band sounds like, doesn´t necessarily serve people´s expectations about some certain bands and releases too much in a long run, I´m afraid. So fuck all the terminology; just go listen to Meatlocker Seven´s unique and absolutely testosterone-filled album yourself and bash me afterwards for not telling the whole truth from them by the right words in this very review, hah!

Check out their website, too - even for the sake of your own burning curiosity as it´s even more professional – and better looking than some of the websites that have been done for many established and big bands. There´s definitely lots of talent around this band and I´m pretty sure we´ll all hear much more about them in the future. I could bet my dead grandmom´s warm-eaten, empty skull for that...
Track Listing

01. Isolate
02. Systemic
03. Godsick
04. Vague Impression
05. Ground Level Sleep
06. Tribunal
07. Against the Dying
08. Lines of Blood
09. Pyroclastic Flow


Bram Harvey – Lead Vocals
Steve Migliarese – Bass & vocals
Mike Selman – Guitars
Tony Oliveira – Guitars
Chris Lorette – Drums

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