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October 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

An excellent press kit and demo by this young, but not new Seattle area band. Going for almost four years now the band has a number of demos and a new CD called ‘New Life’ coming out soon, if not already available.

This demo consists of three cuts from their indie debut CD, Wreckage and three cuts form the upcoming CD. It was a poor quality burn that wouldn’t work in my stereo so I had to listen to this on my sub-standard computer speakers. From the top I don’t like the bands name much. What does M.T.F. stand for? It’s not clear. It reminds me too much of too many lame punk bands with acronyms for names like GBH, DRI, DOA etc. Pick a cool metal name and stick with it!

Mid 90’s USA Metal is where this band is coming from in terms of inspiration…not too fast, not heavy, not too technical just sitting in that heavy Pantera, Nu-thrax zone that will sit well with fans of Pissing Razors and Skinlab. The first three cuts showed the bands influences and weaknesses at the same time.

The next three cuts were a vast improvement in terms of song writing, arrangements, even the production was a bit better. The songs were far more dynamic and listenable as the band obviously honed their writing and playing and recording skills. I’d like to see more guitar, more soloing, more licks, more riffs. Two guitarists at times sound like one. I’ve heard bands with one guitarist make more noise than these guys do with two. The vocals fall into the shouting midrange but not without enthusiasm and energy. A solid and commendable entry into the metal market.
Track Listing

1. Solitude
2. Play The Roll
3. Strain

4. Sometimes You Fall
5. Blood In Black & white


Robert Maeder-Vocals, Guitar
Scott Roberts-Guitar
Devin Denuyl-Drums



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