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Madd Hunter
Silence of the Lamb
June 1999
Released: 1999, GME Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

If this was 1984 I might appreciate this more. For some of you, this might be exactly what you're looking for if you live for that pure classic metal sound. A prime example would be the CD opener "Raiders From the North" which has NWOBHM written all over it. The brain behind Madd Hunter is Phil Grasso who plays all the guitar, bass, vocals and keys! The only other member is Chuck Fitzgerald on drums. The song-writing here is not overly inspired but the writing is solid and Phil is not a bad musician, he's definitely very well-rounded I'll give him that!!!! I think what would make Madd Hunter a more viable force would be if Phil would relinquish some of his responsibilities and have a full band.

Unearthing 80's metal cover tunes seems to be the thing to do lately. However, since this band is firmly rooted in the 80's it seems kind pointless. Their cover of Judas Priest's "Take on the World." It's done fairly well but Rob Halford on vocals this is not! To be fair, not many can stand up to good old Rob anyway so that's not really a mark against the band. Hell, I don't even think that the Rob Halford of 1999 can stand up to the Halford of 1984 ha!! Some of the more memorable moments of this CD are the upbeat "Raider's From the North." "Procession of the Lash" has a twisted into and kicks in with some neat riffing. There's also the Iron Maiden like "Del Que's Theme" and "Jerusalem" which has a powerful chorus. There are a couple of songs that have sections that drag on with too long jam sessions such as "Exodus." The guitar tone on this CD is a little crusty (like it is on most NWOBHM) and could of been thickened and made more crunchy and smooth. (sounds more like an explanation of peanut butter haha).

With a few changes Madd Hunter could really turn into something great. Right now they are somewhere between mediocrity and that "greatness." Don't get me wrong, if NWOBHM is your bag then they are still worth checking out. If you are interested in ordering any Madd Hunter CD's or Phil's previous and now classic 80's band "Steel Assassin", then send an e-mail to
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