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May Result
Slava Smrti
May 2009
Released: 2008, Battlegod Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

May Result, coming all the way from Belgrade, Serbia, has a long history as a wicked black metal band. The band was spawned to this unholy world in 1995, and since then these nail-covered and painted black metal warriors have managed to record 4 full-length albums, of which the band´s latest album, SLAVA SMRTI, has now finally reached my unbribable ears.

Having spun SLAVA SMRTI through in my mentally darkest and most vicious hours for the last couple of nights or so, I gotta admit May Result´s keyboard-laden, strongly performed black metal has this irresistible tendency to appeal to me quite a lot indeed. It´s no denying that they do have a bit of the same charisma and character in their furious and very intense black metal outbursts, like the Norwegian kings of experimental black metal Emperor, used to have on their 1st two albums. It´s wholly well executed, containing a reasonable amount of nearly epic-like atmospheres and just painting dark, mystical and massive thunderclouds and sinister flashes of lightning into the horizon – metaphorically speaking, I mean. And they are really good at that, following Emperor´s broad and famous warpath like loyal disciples under command should do.

SLAVA SMRTI has a nearly 9-minute song called “Odar Vran" (they have song titles both in English as well as in their mother language Serbian), which is probably my favorite track off this record right at the very moment. It´s a gloomy and mid-paced heavy roller – full of beautiful and tangible atmospheres, kinda reminding me of some of Immortal´s epic work.

The album is closed by an unexpected choice, a cover of Impaled Nazarene´s “The Horny and The Horned”, these Serbian horned beasts managing to give the song a fair treatment without raping the original structure of the song too much.

SLAVA SMRTI is a very good effort from this Serbian black metal act all in all, and on the spur of the moment I started feeling sort of an urgent need to check out their back catalog a little bit, too.
Track Listing

01. Prognan
02. Hold This Earth in the Hands of Sulphur
03. Eternal Eulogies
04. Velika Bela Prièina
05. At the Cursed Heights of Prokletije
06. Slava Smrti
07. Odar Vran
08. The Horny and the Horned*

* Impaled Nazarene cover


Glad - Vocals
Kozeljnik - Guitar
Dušan - Guitar
Demonetras - Bass
L.G. - Drums
Urok - Keyboards

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