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Lethal Legacy
July 2007
Released: 2006, Spine Razor
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cody

Fast paced thrash riffing, machine gun fire double bass, soloing that would make Jeff Hanneman proud. So what is this epic number of potential thrash fortitude? Is it the newest record from some thrash stalwart taking advantage of a new found interest in the genre? Hardly. This is the LETHAL LEGACY EP from Canadian semi-newcomers, Mastery.

Featuring 8 songs of blistering non-stop thrash, these Canadians seem to have the right direction in order to gain some notoriety with support coming from none other than Noise Records, the only problem is, that this EP features no vocals! Yes, the bread and butter of any band is how well the folks in the background can keep the pace, but thrash needs to have a little pro-environmentalism ranting here and anti-conformitism slants there, and maybe a little dash of Satanism just to keep things spicy. But alas, that little extra oomph is missing from the band.

The positives of this album are blatantly obvious. The first 6 songs are all very fast paced with constant changes in tempo, speed, riffs and drum beats that literally keep you guessing about what is going to come next. The last two numbers are more of the same, only they have been recorded live to give the listener a little something special (and yes, they sound as if they can rip it up live fairly well too). Picking a specific favorite amongst this fulfilling allotment of thrash is all but impossible, but what is the point of picking a favorite when all the tracks feature equal amounts of kickass-ness? Okay, if pressed, the last two live tracks have a lot of character and are very crisp recordings despite its live setting.

Mastery will most definitely be creating some waves once they create a follow up to their EP LETHAL LEGACY (which was distributed to the masses in 2006 via Sinerazor Records, a subsidary of Noise), and hopefully some of the existing songs, as well as some new ones can be fitted with a set of pipes that will keep up with the guitars. In a way, Mastery is in a unique position of being discovered by a fairly well known label and being able to release an EP without the assistance of a vocal talent. If this band can jam this hard and get the attention they have now, then the next move is in their lap. The possibilities are endless in acquiring the perfect singer to be placed in the lead slot of a band that could seriously be the next Annihilator if the stars align correctly for these Canadians.
Track Listing

1. Behold
2. Power Race
3. Numeration
4. No Tomorrow
5. Lethal Legacy
6. Nevermore
7. Numeration (Live)
8. Power Race (Live)


Markus Armellini - Guitar
Kevan Roy - Drums
Jeff Dormer - Guitar
Anthony Ristovski - Bass

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