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Time To Be King
October 2010
Released: 2010, AFM
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Historically on this site Masterplan has received a fairly lukewarm response. I’m with the crowd on this one, as the band’s previous three albums have never really filled me with excitement. Accordingly, I had fairly low expectations when this album came out. I suppose the big news is that original singer, Jorn Lande is back in the band and DiMeo is out. I think that is for the best. I love Mike’s voice but Jorn is the better singer. However, since Lande was in the band it is not a remarkable change.

Technically, the band deliver the goods. Good production, quality musicianship, professional execution of the metal. Nothing to fault or complain about. However musically, I just haven’t been thrilled with the band. I suppose I never was a fan of Grapow in Helloween. I always preferred the tunes penned by the other members. So here we have an act where he does all the song-writing…and it is just not to my taste.

The songs seems lack the edge, the intensity, the passion…I’m not sure how to describe it but it just sounds a bit flat to me. I also think there is a bit too much keyboards, I’d like more guitar. Mike Terrana is killer drummer as evidenced by his work in Rage but he seemed restrained by the somewhat pedestrian songs.

Jorn is a welcome readdition, his voice is among the elite gods. Oddly it is one of the slower cuts in the middle of the album, ‘Lonely Winds Of War’ that catches my ear the most. It has an atmospheric intro, some swirling keyboard work and a nice vocal line. Some of the speedy songs just lack the fire or interest or dynamic in the song-writing.

I wasn’t hearing the hype when the debut EP came out in 2002 and have had less and less interest as the years wore on, but TIME TO BE KING admittedly is a turn back in the right direction. Masterplan is impressive on paper but they still sound average to me, hence the average rating.
Track Listing

1. Fiddle of Time
2. Blow Your Winds
3. Far From The End of The World
4. Time To Be King
5. Lonely Winds Of War
6. The Dark Road
7. The Sun Is In Your Hands
8. The Black One
9. Blue Europa
10. Under the Moon


Jorn Lande-Vocals
Roland Grapow-Guitar
Jan S. Eckert-Bass
Axel Mackenrott-Keyboards
Mike Terrana-Drums

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