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Slaves to Society
January 2009
Released: 2008, Ibex Moon Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

One of the true creators and pioneers of the death metal sound is a Chicago-based band called Master that was kicked out from its rotten womb back in 1983. Since then, the band has been terrorizing us with many albums during the past two decades - in both good and… (eh!), ´less good´.

Paul Speckmann, who is the band´s soul and mirror, reflecting what Master has always been all about (also known for his involvements in such bands as War Cry, Death Strike, Abomination, Funeral Bitch, etc.), has kept Master going on despite his move from his home town Chicago to the Czech Republic years ago already. With Alex (Nejezchleba) on guitar and Zdenek (Pradlovsky) on drums in the current Master line-up, Master have stayed truthful and loyal to their straight, heavy and honest death metal on their 9th full-length album, titled SLAVES TO SOCIETY.

SLAVES TO SOCIETY, with its 11 new Master cuts (Ibex Moon´s version has their 4-track demo, EVERYTHING IS ROTTEN demo 1995 as bonus), is full of that classic Master sound that we are used to hearing from them since the first chords of this band were spawned back in early ´80s, with only tiny updates in their sound. Master is in full strike, sounding fresh, raw and still vintage old-school death metal that gets immediately some sincere thumbs up for just sounding honest and totally captivating by blasting out their stuff the way Master and only a few other death metal bands, can do nowadays. The aggression, heaviness and honesty has nicely been captured into this outcome and doesn´t leave any open questions about whether Master could deliver their goods in a great and admirable way these days.

Master´s fast-paced, unpolished and straightforward death metal flows lethally and effortlessly like a pack of bloodthirsty hyenas after their prey. It nails its listener´s extremities to a brick wall… irresistably. As a matter of speaking, it´s hard to turn your ear away from this stuff because it immensely kicks so much ass. It truly does - believe me!

Paul Speckmann should be quite proud of this band, his achievements on SLAVES TO SOCIETY, and naturally himself too. Oh, as a tiny but hopeful side note - Paul, please at least consider resurrecting Death Strike some day as well… ;o)
Track Listing

01. The Final Skull
02. In Control
03. Beaten for the Possibility
04. Slaves to Society
05. The Darkest Age
06. Cheater
07. Anarchy Nearly Lost
08. The Room with Views
09. Remnants of Hate
10. The Last Chapter
11. World Police
12. The Line to Kill *
13. He´ll Probably Win *
14. Lined up and Punished *
15. Everything Is Rotten *

(* = taken from EVERYTHING IS ROTTEN demo 2005; exclusive on the North American version)


Paul Speckmann - Vocals and bass
Ales Nejezchleba - Guitars
Zdenek Pradlovsky - Drums

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