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In Narcosis
December 2008
Released: 2008, Candlelight Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Hanntu

This month has thrown up two opposing ends of the spectrum as far as grind is concerned, for me personally at least. There was Phobia’s 22 ACTS OF RANDOM VIOLENCE, and then there’s Maruta’s IN NARCOSIS. Maruta are a three-piece from Miami, Florida and the name is apparently derived from a Japanese WWII project where humans were tortured for the purposes of medical experimentation. Kinda like the Asian version of Josef Mengele…

I’ve never gotten into the grindcore ethic of play as quick as you can. IN NARCOSIS, to my ears, sounds like an incoherent mass of sound – random bursts of blasting drums and indecipherable croaks, growls and screams. No guitar riffs to speak of, which is a bad thing since the guitars are mixed really loudly and prominently.

To grind fans this might be an absolutely amazing record, since I really have no clue about grindcore whatsoever other than a bit of Napalm Death, early Carcass and the odd Pig Destroyer track. 15 tracks in about half an hour is pretty good going, and the energy never lets up, it’s a pounding barrage of noise that pummels your head inside out.

If grind’s your thing, check it out. If it’s not, I doubt IN NARCOSIS will change your mind. If you’re coming from a predominantly death metal background, check out Phobia, they’re more likely to be your gateway to grind than Maruta.
Track Listing

1. Iconoclaust
2. Pray For The Nihilanth
3. The Collapse
4. Demise Of The Humanist
5. In Perpetual Narcolepsy
6. The Great Delusion
7. A Sea Of Dead Serpents
8. Dirt Worshipper
9. Replicate
10. The Iron Lung Has Failed Us
11. Man Versus Gravity AKA The Inevitability Of Human Error
12. Idolize Then Dstroy
13. Rise Of The Iron Moth
14. Waking Up From The American Dream
15. Serotonin


Mitchell Luna - Vocals
Nick Augusto - Drums
Eduardo Borja - Guitars

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