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The Rebel You Love To Hate
June 2003
Released: 2003, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

The one (some of) you love to hate, Billy Milano, is back with a new M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) album aptly named THE REBEL YOU LOVE TO HATE. I haven’t kept up on M.O.D. as I have with his other band S.O.D. According to Milano, this new album “…is more a representation of a new band with its first release than M.O.D.” Billy has a new band with him for this album. Perhaps this shouldn’t be called M.O.D.? Whatever….

Billy’s blunt humor is evident in such hilarious song titles as “Wigga” (about the white suburban male fascination with pretending to be rappers – “pull your pants up” ha!). “Wigga” is loaded with mallcore riffing to further drive home his point. Hearing Milano rap out a few lines is not my idea of good listening. I like the humor, and I agree with most of what he’s saying. It’s just I hate anything “nu” or rap metal, even if it’s done as a joke! Then there is “Ass-Ghanistan” (double ha!). The catchy “De Men Of Stein” sounds just like a Rammstien tune complete with the droning riffing, keyboards, etc. Billy must “love” techno-metal and especially Rammstien! “Rage Against The Mac Machine” is Billy’s demented idea of a tribute to RATM, perhaps comparing them to something they hate, yet became? There is even a MAJOR nod to Kiss on the stand out track “Get Ready”. The guitar licks in this one have Ace Frehley written ALL over them, even some of the solo parts from Alive II are in here (among others) and the song ends with the intro from “Detroit Rock City”. There are the few vocal lines that a Kiss fan will catch - “Do it”, “Oh yeah”, etc… Needless to say, those hoping for M.O.D. to only stick to the thrash are in for a shock.

“The Rebel You Love To Hate” is straight M.O.D. with no musical parody in the song. Unfortunately, it’s not fast or thrashy. The track “Makin’ Friends Is Fun” is a little more on the thrash side of things. By far my personal favorite on here is “He’s Dead Jim.” The Star Trek references are priceless! I wish I had the lyric sheet for this album! It’s easy enough to pick out most of the lyrics, but I’d prefer to have the booklet!

The production is good and the rhythm guitar sound is very metal. Beyond the production, the song writing is not always as strong. If you take away the humor and the presence of Billy Milano, you are not left with a lot of substance. If you are a diehard fan of M.O.D.’s past work, and especially of S.O.D. and their humor, you’ll love this. M.O.D. is not so much a musical entity, as it is a vehicle for Milano’s opinions and ideas. Milano is indeed the Weird Al of Metal.

Gripe: pointless “live” version of “Get Ready” (the explosions at the end were hilarious though), pointless “radio edits”.

Enter the Politically Incorrect World of Billy Milano:
Track Listing

01. Wigga
02. The Rebel You Love To Hate
03. Making Friends Is Fun
04. De Men Of Stein
05. Rage Against The Mac Machine
06. Get Ready
07. Ass-Ghanistan
08. He's Dead Jim
09. Get Ready (Almost Live Kinda)
10. Rebel (808)
11. Rage (Radio Edit)
12. Wigga (Radio Edit)
13. Rebel (Radio Edit)



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