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Maple Cross
Promo CD 1/02
April 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

MAPLE CROSS IS BACK and stronger than ever !!! Maple Cross who what where and when may some newer metal kid in the neighbour be wondering. Well Maple Cross used to be around since the late 80's til the mid of the 90's when the band broke up as members found other so called interesting things to carry out and besides the career of Maple Cross didn't lead anywhere. Even though a punch of great great demotapes and even one self financed album were published, but everything had to be financed from the guys' own pocket as none of record company pointed out any kind of interest toward the band's skills and capacity of composing and doing the utter great tunes of so it is quite understable to figure out why the dudes decided to put the period to the one of the most underrated, but longest running metal bands. Describing Maple Cross' music has always turned to be quite a complicate task for several reviewers as the band used to draw various influences from all kinds of forms of music by combining them to the suitable form in order to sound and have a real pissed off feeling. Above all the MC guys used to have a weird sense of humour to mix not so typical instruments to the stuff a'la saxophone etc putting them of course ahead of time as MC was definitely one of the first and rarest bands doing that type of mixing.

But a lot of water has flown in the river and the Maple Cross line up has undergone more than dramatical changes since the mid 90’s as the current one doesn’t include, just the one and only original member left from those days, namely the frontman who still screams the lungs out. On the comeback output MC has abandoned all other extra instruments and instead more focused on unleashing one hell of metal blitkrieg with a full of aggression. The cd consisting of four tracks rages like some young band would have put this cd out. There is no more extra instruments, just intensive hard played metal with some thrash influences.

Personally speaking I was quite sceptical when getting the cd to my hand, but surprisingly the cd has always ended up on my player every now and then. Of course it is a kinda risky choice to order the unknown, but old band, but take a glance at their site and download some of their to become aware of their marvellous stuff.
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