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Dead End Solution
March 1999
Released: 1998, IntroMental
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

This 5 song MCD gets off to an excellent start with two killer songs - "Dead End Solution" and "How?." "Dead End Solution" is by far the best track on the CD and is is an excellent choice for the CD's intro. It is a high speed number with fast thrashy guitar and drumming with a sound not too far removed from other great intense power metal acts. "How?" is nearly as good but less intense. Things wind down on the next track - "In silence" due to in part the vocalist trying to reach beyond his vocal limits. Track 4 (The Pain You Offer) is slightly better but still not as ear catching. It's not until the last song on the CD (In Your Face) that things really pick back up again. It's the guitars that shine on this CD...lot's of harmony and tastefully played melodic leads. Considering this mini-CD was recorded in only 3 days this is some very impressive work, and hey three cool songs out of 5 for a debut CD ain't bad!

If you're looking for information on this band you will have to look for it under their NEW band name - Manticora. A name change was made due to legal reasons. This Denmark band are now signed to Greece's Black Lotus Records. It's strange that a Danish label didn't pick them up as they are definitely worthy. As of February 1999 Manticora went into the studio recording a more aggressive and progressive full length CD. If that's the case them I know we'll hear from these Dane's again soon!
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by EvilG

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