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Thunder In The Sky EP
July 2010
Released: 2009, Magic Circle Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

The "Kings of Metal" otherwise known as Manowar begin their next epic adventure on THUNDER IN THE SKY "The Asgard Saga". This two-disc EP released June of 2009 features five new songs, a newly re-recorded metal version of "The Crown and the Ring" from the classic "Kings of Metal" album and a second disc with the song "Father" recorded in fifteen different languages so all of the brothers of metal worldwide can heed the call.

"Thunder In The Sky" the EP's title track is a straight forward mid-tempo, double bass-drum blaster with all of the hallmarks of the classic Manowar sound. The band seems to have abandoned the more symphonic nature of their last full-length album "Gods Of War" in favor of a more traditional approach. To these ears, it sounds as if a drum machine may have been used on this recording following the departure of longtime drummer Scott Columbus, although returning skinsman Donnie Hamzik is credited. "Let The Gods Decide" pulses and pounds with it's palm-muted chugging and squealing pinch harmonics. Great bottom-end heavy sound on this one. Eric Adams is in fine form, delivering exactly the kind of ass-kicking lyrics Manowar are known for. "Father" is the EP's over the top ballad complete with acoustic guitars, orchestra and a dramatic and operatic performance from Eric Adams. I'm pretty convinced that this song carries some kind of great significance in "The Asgard Saga" as the band has felt it necessary to sing it in every language you can think of. "Die With Honor" is a slow dirge of a battle metal tune. A strong group chorus will make this a crowd favorite in the live setting, for sure. "The Crown And The Ring" in it's newly re-recorded metal version still sounds majestic and glorious, obviously this extended version eventually climaxes with electric guitars and drums, but other than that stays pretty faithful to the original. "God Or Man" closes Disc One and features a blazing guitar solo from Karl Logan.

Manowar have always been known for making their finished product over the top and delivering the most bang for the buck for their fans. This EP is almost long enough to be a full length from most other bands. I can't particularly think of a time in my life when I'll have the urge to hear a ballad in fifteen languages, but I guess it's a pretty cool added bonus as a thank you to Manowar's considerably large international fanbase.
Track Listing

Disc One
1. Thunder In The Sky
2. Let The Gods Decide
3. Father
4. Die With Honor
5. The Crown And The Ring (Metal Version)
6. God Or Man

Disc Two
1. Tatko (Father - Bulgarian version)
2. Otac (Father - Croatian version)
3. Isä (Father - Finnish version)
4. Mon Père (Father - French version)
5. Vater (Father - German version)
6. Πατέρα (Father - Greek version)
7. Apa (Father - Hungarian version)
8. Padre (Father - Italian version)
9. (Father - Japanese version)
10. Far (Father - Norwegian version)
11. Ojciec (Father - Polish version)
12. Pai (Father - Portuguese version)
13. Tată (Father - Romanian version)
14. Padre (Father - Spanish version)
15. Baba (Father - Turkish version)


Eric Adams - Vocals
Karl Logan - Guitars
Joey DeMaio - Bass
Donnie Hamzik - Drums

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