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s/t demo #3
August 2000
Released: 2000, self released
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Well here we go again…another ManmadeGod demo! In fact, this is the band’s third, which may be obvious if you’ve been reading these pages (I’ve reviewed the first two in the past: and We already know that the band is something altogether different than Forbidden. And it seemed like ManmadeGod were on a downward spiral with the release of their second demo. However, the band has sprung back with their most mature effort yet. Musically, the new material retains the doominess of the first demo. “Swampwater” has some nice sludge riffs, and “Drone” has a more dark and depressing feel. However the first song “Vital” is a little more upbeat than anything the band has done so far. The songs are rather simple and to-the-point, and it would be nice to hear some heavier parts, including guitar leads, and perhaps some more anger and aggression (ok, ok…maybe I just can’t get over our loss of Forbidden). But overall they have retained their style, yet refined their musical approach with the addition of a few new elements and moods, which would include a new vocalist. Yes, ManmadeGod have undergone another lineup change. This time, vocalist Mike Green is out, and Pann is in, whose great voice fits the music perfectly. Sounding a bit like former vocalist Mike Green, and also the dude in Alice in Chains, Pann still has his own identity. Although I miss Mike’s droning/moaning on the first demo, I surely don’t miss his softer vocals or his “yeah yeah yeah”’s. Furthermore, ex-Forbidden bassist Matt Camacho is now ex-ManmadeGod. Bottom-end tremors are now provided by a man by the name of Jimmy.

All in all, this third demo is a big improvement over the second. The band has now severed practically every connection to Forbidden, aside from a similar guitar sound (and besides containing two former members). If this demo doesn’t get the band signed, I don’t know what will. After being in existence since 1997, ManmadeGod have found themselves with this demo, and have a lineup which seems to work very well. Although I prefer heavier music, I do think this demo is a solid effort. Check out their redesigned web site for more information and to hear all three songs:
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