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D’un Autre Sang
April 2004
Released: 2004, Nothing To Say
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

D’UN AUTRE SANG (Of Another Blood) is the third full-length album from France’s Manigance. Manigance play a combination of power and progressive metal and fans of bands like Stratovarius, Wuthering Heights, Kamelot, and Vandam Plas are all potential candidates for becoming fans of this band.

As you have probably guessed by the album title, Manigance sing all their songs in French. This is great if you speak French, but for us mono-language troglodytes it will not go down so well. I was able to overlook this problem a little more than usual because the band’s music is great! After a pointless intro the album shreds into being with the track "Empire Virtuel". This is in the vein of heavier Stratovarius with fast kicks, keys etc. Overall the album isn’t full of the fast keys like Stratovarius or the lead key/guitar trade off stuff, so this is not a mere clone of Stratovarius. Some other songs that made me awaken from my ancient slumber include “Aourir En Hero” thanks to the technical sounding riffing before and after the solo section that is especially ear catching along with some noticeably cool drumming. “Hord La Loi” reminded me of Destiny-era Stratovarius big time. The intro to “Memoire” was very well executed, the rest of the song was ok, but the intro parts were the most outstanding. The album’s title track was well chosen. It too has some killer riffing at beginning. The riffing/picking slows down a bit although the drum tempo stays up there. This is one of the better songs on here with some nice keys/guitar lead sections. The only song that I out-and-out disliked was the boring piano-laden power ballad “La Mort Dans L’ame”. The CD also comes with a bonus for CD-Rom – a live video “Future World” preformed with Pretty Maids (no this is not the Helloween classic, but a Pretty Maids song).

The album cover art is also worth mentioning because I swear that the dude on the far right is supposed to be Kahn (from Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn). I’m not sure if that’s what they had in mind, the song titles don’t seem to point to that reference with most being the typical power metal subject matter.

France seems to be spewing out more metal bands in recent years. This month alone I have reviewed three French bands (a record for sure!). Manigance guitarist François Merle has produced and recorded this album in his own studio near Pau (southwestern France). The sound he has obtained is top notch rivaling that of most recordings recorded in the known studios. Fans of power metal and the prog/power mixture will immediately like this band, moreso if you can overlook the language barrier.
Track Listing

01. Mirage
02. Empire Virtuel
03. Aourir En Hero
04. Heritier
05. Hord La Loi
06. Maudit
07. Memoire
08. Damocles
09. La Mort Dans L'ame
10. D'Un Autre Sang
11. Enfin Delivre

Bonus Video: “Future World” live with Pretty Maids


Didier Delsaux - vocals
Bruno Ramos – guitars
François Merle - guitars
Marc Duffau - bass
Daniel Pouylau - drums
Florent Taillandier – keys

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