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Manifest Destiny
Within (re-release)
March 2007
Released: 2006, Rock It Up Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Belgian Press has called Manifest Destiny as “The New American Thrash Kings”. Does that statement make you curious about this Stillwater, Oklahoma-based act, Manifest Destiny? Now don´t be lying to yourself, sure it does.

Manifest Destiny have already released 3 albums + one EP, and they are currently putting the finishing touches on their new album, titled YOUR WORLD HAS DIED, which will be released later this year. Personally I can´t wait to hear it because WITHIN, which is the band´s previous album, has been re-released through a German Rock It Up Records just recently (with one bonus track) - and that´s the very album I have given some serious spinning - well, for let me count, at least the last 4-5 days or so.

WITHIN represents a very American-sounding old school (Thrash) metal that has its roots deeply in the ´80s. The riffs are nicely thrashy, heavy and pleasingly catchy, the band´s vocalist Russ Pace must know himself how powerful he truly is as a vocalist (think something along the lines of Exhorder´s Kyle Thomas´ voice mixed with Phil Anselmo´s voice and – voila! You have Russ!) - and overall it´s very hard go and say anything bad about these fellows´ attitude and determination to keep things in a heavier side of the ´80s era of metal. Manifest Destiny do what they can do best: Thrash. Simple as that. Unlike many other Thrash -acts from the ´80s metal scene, Manifest have chosen to walk on a bit mid-paced path musically in order to concentrate on churning out as tastefully heavy stuff as possible - and as powerfully as possible, too. A song called “Lost Again” is a fine example of just that in which the band sounds at their heaviest, one of guitars also creating an eerie wall of melodies that f.ex. Immolation use a lot in their songs. At most energized, however, this foursome sounds in such tunes as “Storm Is Forming” and “Dethroned” where these guys let all the steam and repressed fury out from themselves.

And as a fact is, every self-respected, true metal band needs at least one ballad type of song for every album (well, or I guess not), and with Manifest Destiny we cannot avoid it completely either. “As I Am” is that type of a song that unfortunately only manages to make me sleepy, and I guess they could have left it well outside of the album material. Oh well, it´s still a matter of taste, and it doesn´t put down the overall quality of WITHIN a bit.

I would say Manifest Destiny could be a sort of missing link between Pantera´s COWBOYS -era and Exhorder, played with 32rpm - and added even bits from Testament in nice and tiny doses here and there if you are in need of some reference points. If those are some of the names that rock your socks, then I strongly recommend you to check Manifest Destiny out. This band is seriously a damn good and talented bunch.
Track Listing

01. Storm Is Forming
02. Dethroned
03. Empty God
04. Lost Again
05. Winter Within
06. Morbid Conscious
07. As I Am
08. Let Them Drown
09. Flowing Over Free
10. Broken

11. Second Coming (bonus track for Europe)


Russ Pace - Vocals
Brent Wheatley - Guitar
Tim Harris - Guitars
Keith Wiley - Bass
Jody Wheatley - Drums

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