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Occult Propaganda
September 2015
Released: 2015, BMTC Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Malphas, a great demon prince of Hell, has clearly inspired many musicians, with no less than four bands flying under his moniker. One such band with the name Malphas is the Swiss black metal quintet formed in 2014, who have just released their debut EP entitled “Occult Propaganda”. Containing three tracks with a total run-time of 20 minutes, this shows us what Malphas is all about.

Starting off with the self-titled track “Malphas”, an ominous atmosphere carries on for over two minutes before suddenly rupturing into a raw black metal onslaught. A clear and distinct melody is carried by the guitars, whilst the drums provide a strong backbone, and the gravely vocals appear sporadically to add more texture to the music. The bass on the other hand is for the most part inaudible. The title track “Occult Propaganda”, in contrast to the opener, takes on a darker undertow, with certain sections clearly showing influences of bands such as Dark Funeral. The final song “Awaking excelsi Luciferi” takes on a more militant tempo. Whilst this is musically the strongest track on the album, it is unfortunately also the one with the worst production, making it a bitter-sweet listen. Also, for some reason, the version of the song I received kept cutting out half-way through, making the whole experience quite frustrating.

Overall, it is very clear from the production quality that this is indeed a new band, and added to this, the composition of the music itself is nothing ground-breaking or new. Nevertheless, Malphas does show some potential, with a few interesting elements in their music that could take them far if refined. Whilst this is far from a must-listen for die-hard fans of black metal, it nevertheless might be something worth looking into if you're on the search for new bands that show a distant glimmering of potential.

Review by Erika Kuenstler
Track Listing

1. Malphas
2. Occult Propaganda
3. Awaking excelsi Luciferi


Xezbeth – Guitars
Raven – Guitars
Belaam Astaroth – Vocals
Machette – Drums
Barbarian Whore – Bass

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