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Malicious Death
August 2004
Released: 2004, Self-financed
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

My currently favorite Finnish thrashers, Malicious Death, approached me with this new 2-song promotional demo-CD on one of those cold summer days when I was heavily spinning through one certain slab from one at least semi-legendary Canadian Thrash Metal band more than twice in a day during one week. Hmmm... wondering now what album might have that been?

Oh well, back to Malicious Death now, though. After the band´s somewhat promising debut (mini-) album called DEVILIZATION which was self-released through the band´s own label Rebellion Records last year as a limited edition of 300 copies only (probably sold-out by now?), they guys kept on rehearsing new stuff, sometimes more, and sometimes less, actively. However, I gotta believe as a result of those rehearsal sessions are at least these two brand-new ´Thrash-troopers´ called “Possessed” and “Slaughter”; both of the songs introducing a more furious, more intense, faster and more violent Malicious Death than ever before! Ah, goood...!

It should be mentioned that since day 1 this 4-some´s main goal has remained the same: to sound as much like an old-school Thrash Metal act as possible and to capture that specific ´80s Thrash feeling and vibe. Their relentless thrashing Metal madness stays forever as a center piece and the most integral part of the band´s music. What else could there actually be for them to achieve musically in the first place? In my opinion, they have already/nearly achieved some sort of a peak as far as sheer intensity and aggression of both “Possessed” and “Slaughter” are concerned. Both songs are simply ´thrash-tastic´, bursting out the good´n´old feeling of vintage sounding Thrash Metal into a dedicated Thrash banger´s mind for a golden 7-minutes. They also offer us a good reason to think and expect Malicious Death to spellbound the entire world of Thrash Metal because they sound so fuckin´ good, convincing, and first and foremost, bloody fuckin´ entertaining! These words are especially meant to describe my gut feelings about this absolutely killer 2-track promotional CD of theirs...! These ´rude and ugly´ looking Finnish fellows are truly very good at what they do – loving Thrash Metal straight from their hearts without pretending to be any low-budget messengers of ´troo Methal´ or anything alike!! Malicious Death´s ´trueness´ can be measured through their music only, and I swear to all of you that you don´t have to tell them where they are coming from as far as their past experiences as some sort of ´fan boys´ especially with some certain bunch of albums from the Speed/Thrash Metal genre are concerned. As much as they may sound like old Kreator or Violent Force or old Sacrifice, etc. to some of you with these two new songs they have recorded for this promo, as much they may sound like old Razor or old Destruction or even old Morbid Angel or old Hellwitch (it´s the fucking blistering and blindly churned out solo attacks of the band´s guitarist Obadio that made me think that way, oh yes...!) to some others.

I have no idea whether this promo-CD has bee made available for anyone who might be interested in hearing it, so why don´t you go and ask directly from the band yourself? Shouldn´t be that difficult, I guess... However, be sure to keep your eyes on these guys in the near future if you happen to be a fan of an aggressive and violently executed ´80s-flavored Thrash Metal. I´m glad to announce that Malicious Death have truly outdone themselves on this particular promotional recording this time around... How could I possibly ask them for more?
Track Listing

01. Possessed
02. Slaughter


Red Jesus – Vocals
Obadio – Guitars
Bilibaldus – Bass
Jerker - Drums

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