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Malicious Death
March 2006
Released: 2004, Rebellion Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Back to the school again... I mean, back to the old-school sounds of raw and somewhat simple Thrash Metal. That´s something Finland´s Malicious Death are heavily into, mainly offering a quite German sounding Thrash in the 80´s vein and basically bringing back to our minds such names as Violent Force, Destruction, Minotaur, Sodom, etc. in their early prime. And let´s add old Slayer from the SHOW NO MERCY era to this pile, too.

What makes Malicious Death a bit the odd traveler in the underground metal scene, is the fact they have never released any ´official´ demos or anything previously in order to make them available for a bigger audience. The first official release of the band is this self-financed 8-track album (with an intro) which is strictly limited to hand-numbered 300 copies only. My copy was 189 out of 300, so there´s probably only 100 copies left.

Well, enough of specific background info for now. As for a ´man power´ behind the troops of Malicious Death, this foursome churns out Thrash in the ´80s spirit and actually does it such a convincing way that it wouldn´t be no wonder if someone believed this stuff was already recorded in the mid-80's and pressed later on a vinyl format. It´s really THAT old-school flavored sounding Thrash; raw, intense, harsh and violent. The band´s spit thrower and venom throat known under a nickname Red Jesus sounds like Motörhead´s Lemmy trying to sing Thrash Metal songs played on 45rpm. Otherwise the whole band also sounds to be on 45rpm speed in songs like “Hate Generator”, “I Am the Blood” and “Malicious Death”. I personally find this type of stuff appealing and intriguing as it also happens to remind me of the tape trading scene of the past time when new ´discoveries´ were mostly made through that particular scene.

Heh... even the band´s song titles have all been done by staying loyal to the biggest and most obvious cliches in this particular genre. Or how do song titles as “Sacrifice”, “Soldiers of Blackblood”, “Tormentor” and “Antichrist” sound to your ears? A fuckin´ old-school Thrash this is with a convincing enough true spirit and mentality thrown in – and I bet my left nut that the Malicious Death -dudes aren´t into this type of stuff because of the hype for the current old-school sounding Thrash -revival; they are into it for real.

Now prepare to make a trip into the past times together with Malicious Death by ordering their 8-song vinyl directly from the band´s website. It´s absolutely worth €10.00 (+ postages) and keep in your mind DEVILIZATION will soon be a true collector´s item, so hurry up.
Track Listing

01. Devilization (Intro)
02. Hate Generator
03. I Am the Blood
04. Rageous Souls
05. Sacrifice
06. Soldiers of Blackblood
07. Malicious Death
08. Tormentor
09. Antichrist


Red Jesus – Vocals
Obadio – Guitars
Bilibaldus – Bass
Jerker – Drums

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