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Malicious Death
...From Above
June 2010
Released: 2010, Disentertainment
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Thrash is back – and so it´s the Finnish old-school thrash farts Malicious Death with their 3rd full-length studio album, titled …FROM ABOVE, which they recorded over a year ago actually. The band has been around 8 years, kicking our fancy and fragile butts with their uncompromising, vintage-tinged old-school thrash that has always leaned - more or less, toward early Slayers, Whiplashs, Kreators, Razors, Voi Vods and the like. On second thought, keeping it old-school sounding through all the years, is quite a respectable achievement alone already I think, without even trying to make it more up-to-date sounding - just like so many bands of the same ink have resorted to doing.

…FROM ABOVE blasts away 9 tracks in circa 35 minutes, proving these 4 thrash lads´ faithfulness and true dedication to the 80s spirit and mentality when it comes to both thrash as well as some hardcore (“No Justice” reeks of a pretty strong HC-vibe ála Discharge and The Exploited). Malicious Death´s thrashes their hearts and balls out viciously and violently on their 3rd stormer , keeping basically pedal-to-the-metal – and offering their thrash nearly as 100% pure as it can be offered in the first place, spicing it up with a couple of kinda surprising elements here and there that adds a little bit extra to their mindlessly raging thrash assaults (check out for example, a saxophone(?) part in “Blasphemy”, starting from 1:59 mark. Didn´t see this coming to be honest). Also, any fan of the Canadian sci-fi mongers Voïvod can surely notice Malicious Death´s concealed perversion to get tangled in a certain type of ´Voïvod-ism´. When the title track “…From Above” kicks in, one is about to get a wide grin spread all over her/his face due to sheer Voïvod worship this particular song in question offers to our listening pleasure.

All in all, Malicious Death´s 3rd full-grown baby thrash monster named …FROM ABOVE, comes in furiously, begging for no mercy and storming like a starving beast – and a good production on this recording naturally helps them to reach some extra pairs of ears to make people curious enough to check it out. That´s what this record should do to them anyway if their hunger just can be satisfied by a slap of aggressive and well thought out old-school thrash extravaganza. …FROM ABOVE should meet these people´s expectations pretty effortlessly, I guess.
Track Listing

01. Death by Dawn
02. One by One
03. Crooked Cross
04. No Justice
05. Reign of Chaos
06. Blasphemy
07. Storm of the Metal
08. Thrash till Death
09. …From Above


G.G. - Vocals
Obadio - Guitar
Bilibaldus - Bass
Jerker - Drums

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