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September 2009
Released: 2009, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Malfeitor, this bestial sounding black metal outfit from Italy, has unleashed their 2nd full-length album, INCUBUS, via their new home, Agonia Records that is located in Italy.

Having not heard their debut album UNIO MYSTICA MAXIMA (released through Scarlet Records in 2007) – and after hearing INCUBUS several times now, it makes me feel like I should check it out. I mean, Malfeitor plays the kind of black metal that is entertaining to listen to. It´s relatively well produced in which you can hear and feel every instrument´s presence. It´s at times fast, creepy and savage sounding, but it has also got enough melody and some unexpected twists and turns to keep the whole thing more interesting, and somehow more appealing even.

Listening to Malfeitor´s INCUBUS, I think it´s the Swedish black metal commandos Dark Funeral´s name that tends to pop up from somewhere in comparison to them more often than some other names really. There´s lots of intensity and sheer ferocity behind this Italian black metal outfit, and it´s all well and rather poshly delivered through their songs. This is all good stuff throughout, no matter in what type of dip sauce one would sink them into. Also a good thing is that they have also managed to create a few tasteful, sinister atmospheres behind their songs, kind of providing more gum for listeners to chew on.

INCUBUS is a very solid black metal record from these Lucifer-loving disciples of the Devil, and therefore it also makes me to say: “I love Satan”, if this album can be just any indicator of all that great music that is produced in the darkside.
Track Listing

01. Down with Me
02. Into the Qliphot of Golachab
03. Mysterious, Mystical, Majestic
04. Promethean Fire
05. Typhonian Gods
06. Dark Saturnian Chaos
07. The Other Half
08. Void of Voids
09. Incubus
10. Antisaturno (Thùnapsù)


M. Fabban - Vocals and bass
Hell-I0-Kabbalus - Guitar
Munholy - Guitar
Atum - Drums

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