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Malevolent Creation
August 2004
Released: 2004, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 4.4/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Malevolent Creation... one of my all-time favorite Death Metal bands from the true hotspot for first-class Death Metal, Florida, U.S.A., have unleashed their 9th full-length studio album. It’s promisingly being named as WARKULT. After being around, (-eh?) fifteen years or something the band doesn´t need any further introduction because every self-respecting Death Metal fan should already be aware of them and a pile of their great releases by now. If not, may I ask where the hell you have actually been lurking if the band´s name doesn´t ring any bells of death to you?

As good as the band´s previous output THE WILL TO KILL was, I have to admit I enjoy listening to WARKULT quite a lot more. On WARKULT it sounds like the Malevolent camp has really taken the time to write a bunch of songs for this recording that capture your attention immediately - and not like after weeks or months or so... The songs on WARKULT definitely sound more advanced, more structured, more though-out, more dynamic and what´s even better, they tend to stand out quite a lot better as a whole when compared to the songs on THE WILL TO KILL. By a closer listen, a bit more of a melodic aspect is also one of the ´newly discovered´ things that they have succeeded in reaching on this album. This helps a listener survive through their huge and frenzied neck-wrenching riff-fest that has always been present on their albums. Malevolent Creation has also managed to sound thrashier in these 12 songs on WARKULT than on their couple of previous releases. This at least gives me a reason to think they are apparently heading more and more towards their past days of glory and fame musically. With this I´m of course referring to the beginning of the ´90s. It was at this time that they took the Death Metal audience by a storm with the release of two fine albums full of an untamed, but channeled aggression and brutality.

The opening two tracks of the album, “Dead March” along with “Preemptive Strike”, are some of the best tunes I have heard these guys churning out for fuckin´ years!! Listening to these particular two songs off WARKULT, a wet and tickling ear orgasm is actually much nearer than you could possibly be able to imagine in the first place. Uuh babe... at least I did warn you! ;)

WARKULT is the best Malevolent Creation album since their classic 1st two albums, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and RETRIBUTION. This statement of mine is fuckin´ NOT made to give you any reason for good laughs, none whatsoever! Just go ahead and cry me a whole fuckin´ acid lake if you refuse to agree with me! When the production is also crystal-clear (which doesn´t mean it´s overly polished by any means!), incredibly heavy, and top-notch, it´s very easy for me to recommend this to all of you Death Metal maniacs. I could go on and on by throwing a fistful of more positive comments toward WARKULT, but I don´t wanna ruin the whole surprise. There is also a very nice cover song they have also chosen for a limited edition as a bonus...

The band has declared war with this killer album without doubts. I know you wanna stay on their side for the final battle, don´t you? Just remember, the album title was called W-A-R-K-U-L-T – and NOT ´for pussies´!!
Track Listing

01. Dead March
02. Preemptive Strike
03. Supremacy Through Annihilation
04. Murder Reigns
05. Captured
06. Merciless
07. Section 8
08. On Grounds of Battle
09. Tyranic Oppression
10. Ravaged by Conflict
11. Shock and Awe
12. Jack the Ripper (Hobbs Angel of Death – cover/bonus track)


Kyle Symons – Vocals
Phil Fasciana – Guitar
Rob Barrett – Guitar
Gordon Simms – Bass
Dave Culross - Drums

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