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Thrill Of The Chase
August 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Heaven/Border Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This Swedish act was put together in 1989 by bass player/songwriter Laneby. The bands debut album was released in 1992 and was simply called NO 1 and was followed by the 1994/95 release WE, OURSELVES AND US. During 1998 saw the band’s third release ELECTRIC and the thier popularity grew bigger and stronger. They did a world tour and everything looked really bright for the band and the members. Suddenly the bands label went bankrupt and their momentum slowed down. During 1999 a new singer, Carlsson, and a fresh new guitarist joined the band. 2001 saw the release of M.ILL.IONs new album and 2002 saw a new keyboardist join the band. An EP and a new album came during 2004 and the band went out on a promotional tour in Japan before the members decided to take a break.

Metal Heaven inked a deal with the band and they started to write new material. The new album was gonna include some fierce melodic and powerful music and here it is, the title is THRILL OF THE CHASE and as you can tell by the rating I love it. The music is a mix of retro 70’s hardrock and melodic hardrock and they have added a heavy use of Hammond organ only to get the pure and true 70’s feeling. The band has created the perfect balance of retro 70’s rock and melodic hardrock. Musical influences are Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Dio and Thin Lizzy but with a more fresh and updated sound.

Lead singer Ulrich Carlsson has the perfect voice for singing this kind of music and he adds diversity and a healthy rawness to the sound. Guitarist Hermansson has a very varied guitar sound and he delivers some really fast and hazardous riffs all the way through the album. All of the musicians are extremely skilled and they alone could deliver a solid album on their own with only their music. There are actually no weak links on THE THRILL OF THE CHASE.

The quality of the material feels solid and high and it feels like the members have done their absolute best to get the strongest material possible featured on the disc. The album turns to, and are most truly gonna appeal to fans of both retro 70’s hardrock and to fans of melodic hardrock. Killer tracks are “Thrill Of The Chase”, “Menace To Society”, “The One Above”, “U.F.O” and “Beware Of The Wolf”. All those songs are 70’s retro hardrock with tons of energy, tempo and Hammond organ.

We also have brilliant tracks like “Lonely In A Crowded Room”, “From Heaven To Hell”, “Through The Eyes Of A Child” and “Fires Of Siberia” that’s worth to mention. Those songs are melodic hardrock pieces influenced by 70’s retro rock. If the previous songs had keyboardist Bergquist in center these songs instead puts guitarist Hermansson in focus.

I realize that I have picked almost every song on the album as killer tracks but there are actually that many songs that are great. This album is going to give you many hours of pleasant listening. M.ILL.ION impresses with their unique sound and fresh approach and THE THRILL OF THE CHASE is an album that is close to perfection. This album is an excellent way of spending your money.
Track Listing

Thrill Of The Chase
Menace To Society
Slave To You
The One Above
Lonely In A Crowded Room
From Heaven To Hell
Son Of The Son
Through The Eyes Of A Child
Beware Of The Wolf
Fires Of Siberia
Need To Believe


Ulrich Carlsson – lead vocals
Jonas Hermansson – guitar
Johan Bergquist – Hammond organ, keyboards
Per Westergren – drums
BJ Laneby – bass

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by Anders Sandvall

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