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June 2002
Released: 2002, Monster Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: CrashTest

Legend are a NWOBHM band that came and went in the early 80s. Hailing from the isle of Jersey in the United Kingdom, the band got their start in the summer of 1980 playing local gigs and finding a measure of success in their area. In 1981 the band put their money together and recorded an LP, titled simply, LEGEND. The debut showcased seven songs in the traditional NWOBHM style of the time period, but with shades of progressive influences as well. The band followed this up with an EP entitled FRONTLINE in 1982 and another LP entitled DEATH IN THE NURSERY the following year. After toiling in near obscurity, the band was unable to secure a record deal and disbanded in 1984. Which leads us to what this particular CD is all about.

ANTHOLGY is an album that essentially takes the band’s two full-length albums, an EP and a demo and puts them all on two discs. The production, as one would expect from a self-financed band, is raw, but the music is strong enough to make that a minor distraction. Legend made solid hard rock / metal in the style that stalwarts like Motorhead and Iron Maiden did in their earlier days. After listening to ANTHOLOGY for more than a month, it’s my feeling that the band never found a label, not because they didn’t have talent, but because they were too isolated to have ever been given a fair shot by major label hotshots. The music is good, the lyrics often thoughtful and the guitar play of Peter Haworth is most excellent.

ANTHOLOGY makes a great pickup for any fan of late 70s to early 80s metal. Some of the best metal known to man was made during that time period and ANTHOLOGY proves that Legend were no slouches, just unlucky bastards.

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