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La Chinga
La Chinga
September 2013
Released: 2013, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Vancouver’s La Chinga (depending on where you’re from this could mean “naked lady”, ‘heavy duty”, or “the fuck”) are a three friends that decided to form a band in 2011. So they’re a fairly new band, but they sound old as the hills…if those hills were in the British countryside round about 1972. Yes friends, La Chinga are one of many recent bands looking back to the ‘70s hard rock for inspiration; mining deeply into the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Humble Pie etc.

Fortunately, the band has both the chops and energy to do it. Drummer Jay Solyom is a tornado; evoking images of Carmine Appice and Bill Ward, while Ben Yardley’s riffs crunch and grind, highlighted by the perfectly clear production (done by the band themselves!). Carl Spackler’s vocals are high pitched and strong, easily leading the fellas through their paces. Song-wise, the band is spot-on, treading the well-worn path of their rock forefathers; with howlers like “Early Grave” and the title track. The band isn’t afraid to get spacey either; as heard on the stoner-like “To Let Silver”. Some of the songs don’t rock as hard or compellingly as you’d like, and it feels at times like the band should have waited a bit longer and come up with a few stronger songs before releasing the album. It’s all good though, because there is enough excellent material here to make LA CHINGA a damn fun listen.

In fact, I’m astounded that a debut this good is self-released; as this band would be perfect for a label like Small Stone Records or even Rise Above Records. Maybe the band wanted to go the independent route? Whatever the case, and whatever you want their name to mean, La Chinga has arrived and are hopefully here to stay.
Track Listing

1) Early Grave
2) Snake Eyes
3) The Wheel
4) Catty
5) To Let Silver
6) Boogie Children
7) Country Mile
8) La Chinga
9) When I Get Free
10) The Universe Is Mine


Ben Yardley: Guitar
Carl Spackler: Vocals, Bass
Jay Solyom: Drums



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