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Lecherous Nocturne
The Age Of Miracles Has Passed
June 2011
Released: 2008, Unique Leader
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

As a reviewer, it is fun to write about the big name bands and albums. However, it is as equally important to support the underground, the true metal warriors slogging it out on the front-lines (ie. crappy bars and on indie labels). Bands like Lecherous Nocturne. I was introduced to these guys when they passed through town on the Rotting Christ, Melechesh, Hate tour a few months back. The opening bands always have the worst stage set-up, the smallest merch space, the crappiest van, no sound-check, smallest pay (if any) and yet year after year bands grind it out on the road. I think it is called paying your dues.

I felt poorly missing their set (Work commitments) because they were the only band I had not seen previously. However to ‘make it up to them’ (in my mind anyway) I bought their sophomore album THE AGE OF MIRACLES HAS PASSED. It’s on Unique Leader Records which has always been a sign of quality and I chatted with vocalist Jason who seemed like a cool dude too.

It’s a good record. A little short at 8 tunes at 27 minutes but Death Metal is supposed to be short and sharp. The South Carolina Quintet put out a nice package with a decent CGI type cover, lyrics and liner notes and so on. I thought the lyrics were a bit above average, not just ‘gore, gore gore, kill, kill, kill’…which is OK at times as well. Need a contender for album song title of the year? ‘Death Only Hurts The Living’!

Sonically these guys are pretty brutal. That is a good thing. They have many classic Death Metal influences but some modern sound and production as well, blending the two seamlessly. The album is pretty much fast for the most part, perhaps only the title track, slowing the pace down to a less mind-numbing grind. Jason vocals are pretty raw but so guttural that they can’t be comprehended. It’s a pretty loud, noisy experience, driving along with lots of the pre-requisite double-kicks. The album has a nice, hot modern production and great guitar tone.

THE AGE OF MIRACLES HAS PASSED is a pretty appropriate title. Was I expecting miracles from Lecherous Nocturne? Probably not. The age of discovering miraculous brutal underground Death Metal bands from Greenville, South Carolina (like Nile) has passed. However, I was moderately impressed at the whole sonic battery upside the head and hopefully the tour will get them some more of the exposure they deserve.
Track Listing

1. Just War Theory
2. We Are As Dust
3. When Single Shines The Tripled Sun
4. Edict of Worms
5. The Age of Miracles Has Passed
6. Requiem For The Insects
7. Death Hurts Only The Living
8. The Preponderance of Fire


Jason Hohenstein -Vocals
Christian Lofgren -Guitars
Chris Lollis-Guitar
Mike Poggione-Bass
Jeremy Nissenbaum-Drums



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