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Lecherous Nocturne
The Age of Miracles Has Passed
January 2009
Released: 2008, Unique Leader
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Bruce Sanchez

THE AGE OF MIRACLES HAS PASSED is an auditory pummeling. The South Carolina based Lecherous Nocturne offer up a finely honed death metal album, full of banging riffs and vibrant drumming. Clearly, they are masters of their craft.

The album opens with “Just War Theory”, a slow building burn that morphs into a devastating assault of blast beats and throaty vocals. The album continues in this manner, never letting up. Production wise, it is absolutely seismic. With the exception of the rapid double bass parts, each note can be felt, pounding its way into your inner core that happily accepts Lecherous Nocturne into the pantheon of quality death metal. Surprisingly, what stands out the most are the vocals. Sure, it’s traditional growl, growl, roar—but almost every song is sung in with great cadence. It’s a great addition to the overall musicality of the album. TAOMHP concludes with a traditional death metal number, “The Preponderance of Fire”, which grinds on to a halt and picks up with a melodic outro that fades slowly in an effort to mirror the beginning of the album.

In short, it’s nothing really revolutionary. If you’re not that into death metal it won’t cause you to rethink your stance on the subject. But for those who appreciate decent death metal, then THE AGE OF MIRACLES HAS PASSED is one for the collection.
Track Listing

1. Just War Theory
2. We Are The Dust
3. When Single Shines The Tripled Sun
4. Edict Of Worms
5. The Age of Miracles Has Passed
6. Requiem For The Insects
7. Death Hurts Only The Living
8. The Preponderance Of Fire


Chris Lollis – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Poggione – Bass
Kreishloff – Guitar
Jeremy Nissenbaum – Drums
Hohenstein – Vocals

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