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Last Tribe
The Ritual
October 2000
Released: 2001, Frontiers Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Last tribe are a new band from Sweden. The debut album THE RITUAL is killer! The bandleader is Magnus Karlsson (guitar, b-vox and keyboard), Richard Bengtsson (lead-vox), Kristoffer ”Doffe” Andersson (drums) and last but not least Per Wallmark on bass. I have the feeling that they can go really far. Magnus is responsible for the music and lyrics on the record except for the songs ”Made of stone”, ”One of a kind” and ”Tears of gold” that Jonas Reingold was involved in putting lyrics to the music. This record was recorded in Malmo Sweden at Roastinghouse Recording Studio AB and is produced by Magnus Karlsson and Anders ”Theo” Theander. Anders has also produced, among others, Debase and Majestic.

The Ritual is a mélange between 80´classic hard rock/melodic hard rock and this sounds really good. Sometimes the sound is like Yngwie Malmssten when Magnus plays the guitar. It also sounds like another famous band from Sweden - Majestic with keyboards. Sometimes it is only very heavy and melodic. Richard on vox is a really a big talent and the same goes for Magnus on the guitar. Those two have the potential to be big stars. The others in the band are mostly background. Though they are a strong unit, they have really rehearsed for this debut album and they are all really good musicians.

There are ten songs on the album and they are all good. I was surprised with the quality of the songs. The opening song is the melodic ”Spellbound.” “Blood on your hands” and “Flying high” are real heavy ones. “Tears of gold” and “Ready for the storm” sound very much like Majestic - another big Swedish band. In these songs the keyboards dominate. ”Falling” is one of the most beautiful ballads I have heard in a long time. This song also has a very beautiful keyboard solo in the middle with Magnus’ acoustic guitar throughout the song.

Favorites on the album for me are “Ready for the storm”, “Blood on your hands”, “Made of stone”, “Tears of gold” and the very beautiful ballad “Falling”. This is 80´s classic hard rock/melodic hard rock for the new century. This group has the potential to go far.

Magnus and Anders ”Theo” Theander have done a good job with this debut. If you compare this to the job Anders did on the Debase record, Domination, that was a real disaster. He failed completely with that record. Anders ”Theo” Theander should stick to melodic productions in the hard rock genre. Real heavy metal bands/thrash/black should not be produced in Roasting House Recording Studio AB because of the way they handle it. For more info on Last Tribe, visit their record company’s page at
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