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Last Frontier
Theta Healing (Through The Poison)
March 2016
Released: 2014, Revalve Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Last Frontier formed in Italy in 2005 with a mission and passion for music that represented their vision of the world. Originally named "Transcendence", the band began to composed their first songs together. It wasn't long after that the band progressed into being named "Last Frontier".

From 2005 to 2009 Last Frontier began to carve out a name for themselves within the live scene working with like minded bands, it was within this time the band were busy in the studio too. Working on the promotional CDs : "Last Frontier" (2005), "Darklight" (2007) and "Black Horizon" (2008). By 2010 with release "Apocalypse Machine" that the band had been through a number of line up changes and developed a more aggressive sound, away from their old one, keeping their melodic and impressive roots.

In 2014 their second full length album was published “Theta Healing (through the poison). For the new album, the band were looking for a more mature song writing work ethos and a more direct and powerful sound. The band is currently engaged in the promotion of the album with an intense live and in the composition of new songs.

The shimmering Science Fiction opening is stuff from a cyber nightmare, it's glistening and a bold statement to open the album with "Principio Morsus". "Arachnophobia" which carries on the Sci-fi theme that is swiftly joined by a chorus of harmony pounding vocals and layered effects that make for a chunky blend of musical sounds. Sounding like a mix between Iced Earth and Evergrey it's instantly enjoyable, it's straight forward and rich in flavour enough to hold interest.

It's the band's second release and so far is a delightful treasure trove of excitement with its atmospheric Heavy Metal keyboards, which come in generous supply, spaced out with a modern delivery that still pays homage to the classic style. it's with tracks "Dragonfly's Trail" and " Beyond This Scene" a development for a heavier style ring forth.

It's within tracks "Perdition", "Lost in Confusion" and "Visionary Maze" that you can really get a good audio grasp of what the band are about. They leave you with the impression that they are not only great in the art of storytelling, they are in equal measure creative song writers, who can muster a mind's eye movie.

Last Frontier has you traverse through a labyrinth of sounds especially on tracks " Dying Storm" and "Disharmonic Chaos". these like the rest of the album are wall to wall riffs that are paired with sharp guitar solos, catchy vocal lines and symphonies throughout that push forward the delightful sound.

By the time you reach the end of the album you feel overwhelmed with prog-vein adventurous metal, it's defiantly an album which is commanding and one that will not tolerate going unnoticed. With influences such as Genesis, Rush and Marillion, it's no wonder the album is bold in its mind set. Overall one to listen to, to get you into the genre or for the diehard fan.

Review By Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

01 Principio Morsus
02 Arachnophobia
03 Dragonfly's Trail
04 Beyond This Scene
05 Perdition
06 Lost in Confusion
07 Visionary Maze
08 Dying Storm
09 Disharmonic Chaos
10 The Root of His Anger


DARKA Vocals & Choirs

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