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Last Autumn's Dream
June 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The brain behind this band/project is Michael Erlandsson from Gothenburg Sweden. Michael has previously released 4 solo albums and he has also been support to Tina Turner and Bryan Ferry as well as competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

But at a point Michael felt he wanted to do something different and his record company in Japan suggested that he should meet up with Andy Malecek, the guitarist of the very famous German hardrock band Fair Warning, and do something with him. Michael and Andy instantly clicked and they started to write songs together.

Michael’s Swedish production company liked the idea of those two working together and they got in touch with members of the Swedish former band Europe. Ian, John and Mick from Europe all said yes to be a part of this new band/project. As we all know Europe has re united and are recording a new record and a tour is also planned for this year, so it’s going to be hard for the Europe boys if this band/project is going out on tour too.

Andy’s producer friend, the Germany based Rick Brightman was asked to be a part of this and he accepted. He also had an idea of using three different studios in order to get the best possible sound out of the band so this album was recorded in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Berlin. This debut was produced by Torbjörn Wassenius who has done a great job.

Last autumn’s dream plays melodic hardrock similar to other Swedish bands like Europe, Bad Habit and Alien but Last Autumn’s Dream sounds somewhat more melodic. Michael’s voice really suits this kind of music and Andy impresses on both solo as rhythm guitar. The old Europe sure know how to play melodic hardrock. There’s not so much keyboard in this music, here it’s more guitar and lead vocals with a lot of choirs to back up Michael’s voice.

“AGAIN AND AGAIN” has a keyboard intro before the melodic hardrock music sets off. Michael is on top of the mix and this song has a very sing a long friendly chorus. There’s some keyboard at the end and also a solo, Andy has a big part in this song. Maybe it’s a lot of repeating of the chorus, it’s not so much verse through the song. “DOIN TIME” and “MOVIN’ ON” are slower. Also in this song Andy has a big part with his brilliant guitar play. “GUARDIAN ANGEL” is a slow ballad with an intro with just keyboard and song. Here, Michael shows that he has a broad vocal range. “BREAK THE CHAINS (OF DESTINY)” starts off with Mic and Andy together before the rest of the guys join in. This is a bit faster melodic hardrock. “BLINK OF THE EYE”, “I NEVER LET YOU GO”, “HIGH UP” and “TALK TO ME” the first song start off these very 80’s sounding melodic hardrock tracks. Also here there’s a very sing a long friendly choruses. “THE ONE” another not so exciting ballad. “GOING HOME” finishes off this debut and this is an up tempo ballad. Andy impresses a lot here with his amazing guitar play.

This is how melodic hardrock should be played. Some of my favourite tracks are “BLINK OF THE EYE”, “TALK TO ME” and “BREAK THE CHAINS (OF DESTINY)” that are some of the faster songs. Sadly this album includes too many ballads for my taste and further more they sound pretty standard. The material is not equally strong all the way and that drags down the rating. But if you’re looking for a new fresh melodic hardrock band that knows what they’re doing you should check out this band.
Track Listing

Again and again
Doin’ time (bonus track)
Guardian angel
Break the chains (of destiny)
Blink of the eye
Talk to me
The one
I never let you go
High up
Movin’ on
Going home


Michael Erlandsson – lead vocals
Andy Malecek – guitar
Ian Haugland – drums
Mic Michaeli – keyboard
John Levén – bass



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