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X To The Power of Ten
December 2008
Released: 2008, Locomotive Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Munkwunk

Despite having been around since 1993, little is known about German prog/power band Lanfear. They have released five full-length albums in their time, mostly on smaller independent labels, with the latest being X TO THE POWER OF TEN released in September 2008 by Locomotive Records. Perhaps after their recent show during Prog Power Sweden they will be able to steal a bit of stage light, but in a the crowded genre of progressive power metal, will they be able to really make a name for themselves?

X TO THE POWER OF TEN attempts to answer that question, but it struggles to completely affirm it. Lanfear's most recent album is well-produced and solidly performed, but it does little to set itself apart from similar bands such as Vanden Plas, Anubis Gate, Eyefear, and Pyramaze. Their blend of electronic sounds and heavy metal isn't anything new, but it is performed well. There are a few particularly catchy songs, such as "Jugglin' at the Edge" and "A Twin Phenomenon" which warrant a few listens, but as a whole the album lacks anything catchy enough to maintain the listener's interest for long.

Lanfear is a decent German prog/power band that fans of the genre may wish to check out, especially since they do have a few songs which are worth mentioning. If you aren't already a fan of the genre though, they won't do anything to sway your opinion. Will X TO THE POWER OF TEN help Lanfear to create a name for themselves? Probably not. But if you're on the lookout for a few gems that others might pass over, then X TO THE POWER OF TEN is worth at least a listen or two.
Track Listing

1. Enter Dystopia
2. My Will Be Done
3. Decryption
4. Brave New Men
5. The Question Keeper
6. Synaptogenesis
7. Jugglin' at the Edge
8. Just Another Broken Shell
9. A Twin Phenomenon
10. The Art of Being Alone
11. Seeds of the Plague


Markus Ulrich – Guitars
Jürgen Schrank – Drums
Kai Schindelar – Bass
Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes – Vocals
Richard Seibel – Keyboards

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