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August 2014
Released: 2013, Doolittle Group
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

One look at the cover and I knew this had potential. There was an old video game in the early 80’s called Joust, where knight-warriors would ride winged ostriches and battle evil knights who rode buzzards. I remember playing it in the arcades and on the Atari system at the time. The album cover of the debut album by Lancer is a representation of that video game. It has to be. Or it is the biggest coincidence I’ve seen in ages. Either way, I think this is the first Metal album I own with an ostrich on the cover. Awesome!

LANCER (the album) came out in early 2013 on the Doolittle label, home of Reinxeed, Golden Resurrection, Divinefire and more. Lancer (the band) fit right I with all that glorious clean, fast Speed/power Metal that the label is legendary for. The booklet is very nice, pictures, lyrics and all the rest and it is a 9-track, 46 minute album of heavenly Speed/Power Metal. These young Swedes have got it all, good sound and good production and good performances. The lyrics are positive but not blatantly Christian like some of the bands on the label.

LANCER is pretty much Power Metal perfection. It’s flawless delivery of blazing lead guitars, soaring vocals, bouncy harmonies and catchy sing-along choruses, this is state of the art. Is it original? Not especially, but the songs are great. The vocals of Isak Stenvall remind me of a nice blend of Tobias Sammet and Andi Deris. He can hit some pretty nice high notes as well. The album has great pace and all the songs have just a happy tone and tempo. Highlights include the super infectious ‘Mr. Starlight’ and the impressive ‘Young And Alive’, which just exudes positive energy and charm, largely because of it’s awesome chorus and happy lyrics.

Upbeat, bright, enthusiastic and energetic, LANCER is a fantastic debut. You can never have too much happy Power Metal so add this one to your collection!
Track Listing

1. Purple Sky
2. The Exiled
3. Young and Alive
4. Seventh Angel
5. Don't Go Changing
6. Dreamchasers
7. Mr. Starlight
8. Deja Vu
9. Between the Devil and the Deep


Sebastian Pedernera Drums
Fredrik Kelemen Guitars
Peter Ellström Guitars
Isak Stenvall Vocals
Emil Öberg Bass



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