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Lucid Dream
The Eleventh Illusion
March 2014
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

It is great to have Simone Terigi and Lucid Dream back with a new album. I discovered these Italian retro-metal fiends back in 2011 on the album VISIONS FROM COSMOS 11. No question they break the typical Italian mold, playing bouncy and classically rooted metal with nods to hard rock, yet their sound is not easily definable. Coming two years after their last album, THE ELEVENTH ILLUSION is thirteen tracks of expertly produced and lovingly crafted music.

The album opens with some spoken Italian mumbo jumbo before kicking into the monstrous and catchy opening riff to “Evolution.” Singer Alessio Calandriello delivers a memorable performance, a level that he sustains through the entire album with his fusion of Rik Emmet and Geddy Lee. The ballad “River Drained” is a peaceful and atmospheric tune that recalls Terigi’s solo work on ROCK MEDITATIONS. Lest you think all tunes are straight forward and accessible, the band channels their progressive personality on the 8 minute plus epic, “The Lightseeker.” The song contains numerous tempo changes and an unmistakable channeling of early Rush and Black Sabbath.

Terigi again confirms his remarkable penchant for restraint combined with the ability to construct riffs that resonate. The entire band though is composed of proficient musicians that deliver actual songs versus exercises of technical prowess. “Back To Comsos 11” is a perfect example of the direct and accessible type of songs the band excels at, Terigi finding a vintage and rich guitar tone full of nods to Iommi and Lifeson. The production is outstanding, and the album overall is even better than the respectable previous album.

Considering the many strengths of the album it is hard to find weaknesses, but the long running time of the album, clocking in at nearly an hour, practically assures more than one listen to absorb it all. The album also has a puzzling song order, with two sleepy ballads sequenced in a row, both being enjoyable but momentum-killing. Still, this is a high quality album that sounds completely different than what most Italian bands are offering, which might be part of the trouble for the band in finding a major label to sign them. Lucid Dream deserves to be on a quality record label, and the fact that they are not is borderline criminal. Fans of Fates Warning, Engine, Black Sabbath, Rush and classic metal and rock will enjoy THE ELEVENTH ILLUSION immensely.
Track Listing

1. The Gates Of Shadow

2. Evolution

3. Leave Me Alone

4. River Drained

5. The Lightseeker

6. Back To Cosmos11

7. Connections

8. Two Suns In The Sunrise

9. The Song Of The Beyond Acoustic Reprise From The Future)

10. Black

11. The Eleventh Illusion

12. The Pulse Of Infinity

13. The Way Of 7M


Simone Terigi – Guitars
Gianluca Eroico - Bass
Paolo Raffo – Drums
Alessio Calandriello - Vocals

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