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Luddite Clone
The Arsonist and the Architect
April 2001
Released: 2000, Relapse Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

I bought the split Burnt By The Sun/Luddite Clone disc a short while ago, basically for the three Burnt By The Sun tracks. And every time I spun the CD I figured I might as well listen to the three Luddite Clone songs closing the disc, seeing that the CD is so short. And although I didn’t necessarily flip my lid over the band, I did think they were cool. But when a friend gave me a sampling of The Arsonist and the Architect, I knew I had to really consider Luddite Clone for my collection. And I’m glad I did, because this six song EP shreds the preceding split CD! Raw, aggressive, grinding noisecore! And this time around it’s more intense and convincing. Blast beats are interwoven between slightly jazzy parts, with tempo changes galore, and sickening guitar playing, the highlight of which being when each guitarist plays different things at the same time. And death metal influences are more prevalent than the earlier material, most evident on “Arthropod”. Thankfully, they have also improved the samples between songs. And does this disc ever sound killer! The drums are very natural, with a great ride cymbal sound particularly. Plus the bass guitar sticks out well. The guitars have a nice, dirty tone that give the EP that “noisecore” element, especially when the band blasts forth at full throttle. My only complaint (and a very minor one at that) is how they did the little jazz breakdown in the middle of “The Contortionist”, trying to make it sound like a vinyl album in mono or something. I would have rather heard it straight up. Oh yeah, and this EP is too short (six songs in just over 13 minutes). But overall, The Arsonist and the Architect (a great title, by the way) is a much more impressive output that the band’s previous material. The future looks bright for Luddite Clone, and I for one will be awaiting another (hopefully full length) release. Check out the Relapse web site: and order yourself some East Coast noise!
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