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Luciferian Light Orchestra
Luciferian Light Orchestra
January 2015
Released: 2015, Adulruna
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Evoking the spirit of the 70s in a fiendish fashion may not be breaking new ground, but that’s exactly what Chris Johnsson of Therion fame planned to do when he set up the enigmatically named, Luciferian Light Orchestra. With over 20 contributing musicians, and no identities revealed, LLO drape the occult rock approach in even more mystery and luxury than we’ve heard before, packing it with punchy rock riffs and soothing, dynamic vocals.

With metallic guitars and groovy riffing behind sultry female vocals that enter just 2 seconds in, “Dr Faust on Capri” shows that these band of ex/current Therion members and associates have no interest in messing around; and this filtered and purified approach continues until the record flies away into the night. The Hammer Horror vibes of The Devil’s Blood, Ghost and Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats are present, but with a coating of European class that separates this LP from the rest. This luxurious aesthetic continues, and by “Church of Carmel”, I feel transported to a secret satanic club, where wine is flowing, temptresses are swooning and Luciferian Light Orchestra are the house band.

70s prog experimentation is condensed here, with song writing a key aim and catchy choruses the result. At the right times, the musicians are restrained, allowing the vocalist(s) to take their chiaroscuro spotlight, and at other times, the band is raucous and passionate, delivering solos which all fans of hard rock and metal can behind. It is a bullish and ballsy affair, and LLO feel proud to represent Satan in such a way. During lighter moments, it’s as if ABBA converted to Luciferianism and, reunited, made a record, but the dirgy and dark tones of “Moloch” show this is no radio-friendly record.

For those with open tastes, this is a varied, liberating and unique record that, considering it is a tribute to a long-gone decade, sounds amazingly fresh. Therion fans are sure to love this, especially if there are seeking something mellower, yet the lyrical blasphemies and satanic delicacies may give black metal fans some common ground to walk on here too. For fans of ABBA, Led Zepellin and The Devil’s Blood.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Dr. Faust on Capri
2. Church of Carmel
3. Taste the Blood of the Altar Wine
4. A Black Mass in Paris
5. Eater of Souls
6. Venus in Flames
7. Sex With Demons
8. Moloch
9. Dante and Diabaulus



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