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Lost Eden
Hidden Reflections
August 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Rising from the ashes of the relatively unknown but very cool Quebec power/thrash band, Majester, Lost Eden continues the legacy of high quality metal. In fact there is so much metal coming out of that fair province of Canada that I would not hesitate to say they have the strongest most diverse scene in the nation.

LE are a three piece that perfoms heavy progressive metal that is a tiny step down from Majester in terms of intensity. The CD has seven tunes and runs 69 minutes so you know most of the tunes are 7 minutes or longer. Only the tune Endemic Nature” clocks in at 5 and half and it is to my ear the least progressive but thrashiest track on the disc.

The disc ends with what to me is the center-piece of the disc the 22 minute long, 8 part epic, “The Wrath of The Lamb”. Why do bands always put the longest tune on last? I can never figure that out. Lyrically this song is a re-telling of Chapter Six the biblical book, Revelations. You know the story...the one about the Seven Seals and the plagues inflicted on mankind and all that fun stuff. Cool. In fact most of the lyrics are rooted in mythology, history, and so on.

I like the name LOST EDEN a lot. It is a traditional two-part, asynchronous metal name like “Black Sabbath”, “Judas Priest” or “Iron Maiden” The package is decent with lyrics and notes and so on and a rather odd and subtle cover. The production is also quite subdued and understated. In fact the band even mentions that in the liner notes. The CD was recorded at a home studio and produced, mixed and engineered by the band itself. I’m impressed at the high quality do it yourself attitude even if the production is a little flat in places.

Musically the band is heavy prog and true metal with many neat influences, time changes and different sounds and temp changes. They never loose the underlying power that is necessary to save a disc from tunes that wander aimlessly. That power is mostly provided from the bass and drums while the melodies and harmonies that are less traditional come from the guitars and vocals. The vocals are mostly mid-range, not too many shrieks but not a lot of growling. Roger Bower Jr, is a solid and competent singer but perhaps better production and an outside producer that pushed him to achieve more, would have brought out those shimmering highs and additional power his voice surely does possess.

Overall this a great true metal CD, the only way to describe these guys is classic, traditional heavy metal. They play metal the way it was meant to be played, and if you like the classics, you’ll want to contact them at
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