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Principles of a Past Tomorrow
September 2015
Released: 2015,
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Brazilian metal veterans, Lothlöryen, are offering their new cd “Principles of a Past Tomorrow”. Opening with a beautiful instrumental track, one gets the feeling that there is some high quality Folk metal coming up. Well, that and a cursory review of their back catalog reveals lots of talk about Hobbits and Bards.

The first full track, “Heretic Chant” has a really nice groove to it and it doesn’t immediately present as Brazilian as many other Brazilian tracks often do. This sound has more meat to it. It’s the type of track that you find your head banging along to as you listen. From there we move into “God is Many”. There is interesting use of keys on this track. At times, one can be sure he’s hearing Deep Purple but then it switches to something more akin to Elvenking. It’s done very well and makes the song(s) sound fresh each time. “Time Will Tell” is up next. Again, there is a piano/key intro that bails out and allows a “swingy” groove with a touch of the islands as well. This one is a little, ok A LOT, too progressive for my personal taste but it’s some solid work. “Manipulative Waves” is beefy as hell and I now understand that I’m not going to get a dozen tracks of the same thing from this band. I’m going to get whatever they give and that’s a good thing. No progressive worries here. “Waves” is a real head banger.

“Night is Calling” has an incredible intro. It takes all of 2 seconds to recognize that this is the type of track that serves as a great single for an album like this. Really good stuff full of melody. Skip the next instrumental and move into “The Convict”. It’s another heavy track with a gorgeous break down before the chorus. Then it hits with a nice hook. “The Quest Is On” opens with an almost Country-Western riff and maybe even some steel guitar work within the track. This wasn’t my favorite track but I have an aversion to all things Country due to my home area. You may feel differently about this one. “Who Made the Maker” is another quick instrumental leading into “The Law & the Insider”. Amends are quickly made for the Country Western diversion. This is one ripping track. Very clean in sound but very effective at its metal mission! Things close out with “Wavery Time” on a very mellow note. I wish bands wouldn’t do this but it does seem the norm. If this is the last song in my head, then I tend to forget all the greatness before. But I can forgive them this mistake because everything else was so strong.

Brazil is known for its rabid metal fans. It has also been making some waves with its bands as of late. Lothlöryen is sure to climb to the top of many “Best of Brazilian Metal” band lists with this offering. It’s polished and almost European in sound but in style it’s distinctly Brazilian. I quite enjoyed the whole offering and I recommend to any melodic metal fans out there.

Reviewer: Chris Marsh
Track Listing

1. A Journey Begins
2. Heretic Chant
3. God Is Many
4. Time Will Tell
5. Manipulative Waves
6.Night Is Calling
7.And Dowland Plays
8.The Convict
9.The Quest Is On
10.Who Made the Maker?
11.The Law & the Insider
12.Wavery Time


Daniel Felipe - Vocals
Leko Soares - Guitars
Tim Alan – Guitars
Léo Godde – Keyboards
Marcelo Godde - Bass
Marcelo Benelli - Drums

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