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Lost Dog
Lost Dog
September 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This comes a very pleasant surprise to me. Lost Dog consists of a number of dudes from the Calgary area who were in a number of other bands over the years. I bumped into one of the dudes at the bar who told me they guys got together to make a fun, 80’s style hard-rocking album. I was delighted because most of the guys had played in nu-metal bands which weren’t fully to my taste.

Lost Dog play classic melodic hard rock and metal. No tricks, no gimmicks, no image just good, catchy songs. I appreciate this because it is far harder to write songs with good hooks, licks, riffs, solos vocal lines, decent harmonies, melodies…all that stuff than it is to create the image of aggression. Anyone can scream into a microphone but Dave Schulz’s vocals are warm and emotive. The guitarist Shady has been around the scene for ages and in all honesty I just assumed he wasn’t very good because all his former bands avoided riffs, licks and solos. Not here! Lots of good crunchy guitar, well constructed solos, not all flashy shred but compelling and interesting to listen to. I guess I was wrong, perhaps he just chose to not showcase his ability but thankfully for fans of guitar, he plays the six-string again like it was meant to be played.

For an independent product the self-production job is very good. A nice mix, good balance good guitar tone, loud and warm. The packaging is good but could have used pictures and lyrics. The band offer up five songs all rockers with a rock ’n’ roll and sex vibe with my favorite song being ‘Sin’ followed closely by opening cut ‘Angel of Lust’. These guys remind me a bit of L.A. Guns and maybe a bit of the southern boogie style of such obscure acts as Tangier, or Tora Tora. Great stuff!

One complaint. The name. I’m torn. The name Lost Dog helps quickly identify what type this band is likely to be. Fair enough and on that level it works. BUT…there are at so many other ‘Dog’ bands out there, (namely bands with the word ‘dog’ in the name) many of them still active. Tip for new bands: Do a search on the net BEFORE picking a name. I know of eight off the top of my head and a quick internet search revealed about 20 more bands called ‘Dog-Something’ or ‘Something Dog’ …and that is only hard rock and metal genres! No big deal.

I have far more respect for these guys now they have dropped the contemporary alt-rock style of their previous acts and actually put out a cool EP in what is today an underground style. It takes more balls to put something like this on the market than any number of Pantera wannabe’s that saturate the local market. Good job. Visit them at
Track Listing

1. Angel of Lust
2. Over Exposure
3. I Don’t Know
4. Captain Krunch
5. Sin


Dave Schulz-Vocals
Jonny Vincent-Guitars
Shady O’ Grady-Guitar
Mark Fassina-Bass
Marc Logie-Drums



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