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Luca Turilli's Rhapsody
Prometheus-Symphonia Ignus Divinus
August 2015
Released: 2015, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Three years almost exactly to the day, Luca Turilli has released his second solo album under the Rhapsody banner and his sixth solo project overall.

Not much as changed, the band is still on the same label, the logo is the same however on drums they replaced Alex Holzwarth with Alex Landenburg of Mekong Delta and several other quality bands. Thankfully the style of music, epic, symphonic Power Metal, is still the same. That might seem obvious but Luca has thrown us for a loop twice in the past with radical stylistic changes between albums. Luca, maybe with some help from Alex Staropoli, single-handedly invented Hollywood/soundtrack Metal and PROMETHEUS-SYMPHONIA IGNUS DIVINA is another stellar example of his signature style that has been duplicated so often for the past 20 years. It hard to believe is was 1995 when the ETERNAL GLORY EP came out!

Luca and his band of ex-Rhapsody dudes seamlessly blend symphonic sounds, orchestrated sounds and blazing Metal into a cohesive whole. If anything the orchestral elements are brought out even more on this record. Conti continues to prove he is a fine choice for the lead vocal positions and he is constantly backed-up by huge powerful choirs. He is joined by the soprano, Emilie Ragni, formerly of Inner Vision, a band that also at one time boasted Dominique Leurquin (guitar) and Patrice Guers (bass) both currently with Luca Turilli’s band. Small world with three ex-Inner Vision members now on the band! She is quite the talent and I expect to see and hear more from her in the future.

In terms of lyrical content and subject matter, Luca has swinging even further back to his homeland roots and now have four of the eleven songs sung in Italian, as compared to only two from the last album. The lyrics are still a wide range of historical topics, high fantasy, science fiction and even a song about The Lords Of Rings. To cap of the album we get ‘Of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer's Fall Part II: Codex Nemesis’ running a big 18+ minutes bring the total run time of the two epic songs to 34 minutes, longer than many classic albums of the 70’s and 80’s!

If you follow Rhapsody at all you will not be shocked to learn that PROMETHEUS is epic, symphonic, majestic, bombastic, triumphant, etc, etc etc, piece of metallic art. Lush recording, layers upon layers of dense sound, every nook and cranny filled with playing and powerful sound. They have delivered another superb album.

Editors extra note: As people observe the (friendly) Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody vs. Rhapsody of Fire saga it seems the ball is back in Starpoli’s court...however with all Lione’s extra curricular activities and time in Angra, I’m not sure when the new Rhapsody Of Fire will be out. In 2012/2013 some observers felt that Luca’s debut may have had a slight edge over the Rhapsody of Fire debut and after this excellent album, Rhapsody of Fire is going to have to respond later this year or in early 2016 with a killer album. Until then enjoy PROMETHEUS!
Track Listing

1. Nova Genesis (Ad Splendorem Angeli Triumphantis)
2. Il cigno nero
3. Rosenkreuz (The Rose and the Cross)
4. Anahata
5. Il Tempo Degli Dei
6. One Ring to Rule Them
7. Notturno
8. Prometheus
9. King Solomon and the 72 Names of God
10. Yggdrasil
11. Of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer's Fall Part II: Codex Nemesis


Alessandro Conti Vocals
Luca Turilli Guitar Keyboards
Dominique Leurquin Guitar
Patrice Guers Bass
Alex Landenburg Drums



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