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Luca Turilli`s Dreamquest
Lost Horizons
July 2006
Released: 2006, Magic Circle Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Let’s get two things clear: this is “Symphonic Electronic Metal”, and this album does not feature vocal god Olaf Hayer. If you interested in hearing the new album with Olaf on vocals, look for “The Infinite Wonders of Creation”. So what exactly is “Symphonic Electronic Metal”? For starters, it doesn’t sound very metal. This is nothing like Luca’s other solo band or his work in Rhapsody. Perhaps it could be called “Luca Turilli's Nightwish” – that would get you closer to the style on here…but Nightwish are heavier. Dreamquest are even more atmospheric, gothic, and symphonic. Maybe if you throw in some Nightwish and Pain you’ll get an idea on the music.

There is a weird situation with the vocalist. She goes by the nickname of “Myst”. Her real identity is being kept a secret for reasons unknown (maybe it’s a reverse Arch Enemy thing where it’s not a chick at all but a female sounding dude? Or maybe it’s ‘Miss B’ who was in Stratovarius for 10mins?). Either way, if you like the female operatic vocals of Nightwish and After Forever, you will like the vocals of Myst. Her voice is powerful and sounds good. Other interesting things are afoot with the line-up. Luca doesn’t play guitar on the album but instead has switched to keyboards! It’s a little known fact that Luca was originally a piano player, not a guitarist. The keyboards on here are good, but the style isn’t of the kind where you get to hear any crazy stuff. On guitar, we have Rhapsody’s Dominique Leurquin whom Luca has said is 10 times the player that he himself is. Again, it’s hard to tell on this album as the guitars are buried. The rhythms are mostly boring background distortion and there is very little in the way of lead playing.

I’ll give this album one thing, it is in no way a re-hash of anything else Luca has been involved in. It sounds new and original for Luca, but as a fan of Rhapsody this is not what I either expected or wanted to hear.
Track Listing

1. Introspection
2. Virus
3. Dreamquest
4. Black Rose
5. Lost Horizons
6. Sospiro Divino
7. Shades of Eternity
8. Energy
9. Frozen Star
10. Kyoto's Romance
11. Too Late
12. Dolphin's Heart
13. Gothic Vision


"Myst" - Vocals
Luca Turilli - Keyboards
Dominique Leurquin - Guitar
Sascha Paeth - Bass
Robert Hunecke Rizzo - Drums

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