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Lost Dreams
End of Time
March 2008
Released: 2008, Reartone Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Austrian fivesome play melodic death metal on their 3rd full-length opus, titled END OF TIME. As for their past achievements, the band has only been around since 2003 and their debut album, WHERE GOD'S CREATION ENDS (2004), was a big success for the band and they even have been voted as ´The Best Unsigned Band From Austria´ by the readers of . Good for them.

While I´m listening to these Austrian melodic deathsters latest output, I can certainly subscribe to some of all the praising that they have gained for themselves over the years. The band´s melo-death is carefully-done; it´s relatively easy to jump into their music and simply enjoy the flow of it. Naturally there´s also this certain type of twist for the Gothenburg melo-death scene within their music, which automatically may turn some of the people off from the band´s music as the words ´Gothenburg melo-death´ always seem to throw a bunch of people behind the barricades - ready to fight against everything that is related toward that particular terminology in question. However, talking overall about melodic death metal nowadays, people should already realize what they are going to get (I suppose) - just no matter whether all these not-so-positive Gothenburg-this-and-that references are about to make out from the music of certain melo-death acts.

Lost Dreams surely represent that genre with an undivided pride and honor, their flags flying high in the air for the stuff they do - and yet they are able to carry out their own ideas for the genre in a somewhat decent way. Their music is thoroughly good sounding and churned out with enough self-confidence for sure. For example a song called "I Curse You" has almost all the basic yet needed elements for a perfect melo-death song: It´s catchy, heavy, has some beautiful, melancholic and very melodic guitar parts in it - and what´s even better, it has a tendency to catch its listener´s attention easily, just the way a successfully-made song should do in the first place.

During a long run, unfortunately, Lost Dreams become a bit faceless and tedious on END OF TIME, lacking a certain amount of originality. But one can always raise his/her middle finger determinedly in front of your face and say: "So fuckin´ what?" This is as good shit as it gets. Just love or loathe it.
Track Listing

01. Infernal Voices
02. Rise of the Dead
03. I Curse You
04. Children Rapers (Fucking Priests)
05. Awaiting the Dead
06. End of Time
07. The Fall of the World
08. Jesus Virus
09. Break My Will
10. Flesh is All I Need
11. Nailed to the Cross
12. God of Emptiness


Erwin Wibmer - Vocals
Herbert Sopracolle - Guitar
Andreas Maierhofer - Guitar
Manuel Raaß - Bass
Raffael Peychar - Drums

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