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Lucid Scream
Lucid Scream
September 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Periodically over the years I have written regional review spotlights on bands from my part of the world, Western Canada. It is time for another such mini-feature and this month we are looking at six bands; Device (Vancouver, BC), Kobra And The Lotus (Calgary, Alberta), Lucid Scream (Calgary, Alberta), Omega Crom (Vancouver, BC), Striker (Edmonton, Alberta) and Viathyn (Calgary, Alberta) Please enjoy all six reviews of these recent releases in this feature.

Lucid Scream is the newest, least established of the bands in this mini-feature, but don’t hold that against them. The quintet has just released their six song debut EP. The self-titled affair sounds surprisingly good for and independent job.

LUCID SCREAM is a bit of a tease with six songs running under half an hour. The last track is an acoustic version of ‘Black Widow’ which is also on the EP as the electric version. LUCID SCREAM play a classic style of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Certainly one of the highlights is the vocal attack of Eric Paulin. His range is amazing, he can hit high notes with ease and his enthusiastic and his energetic delivery really drives the songs into the stratosphere. He was hand-picked by band founder Shaddy (formerly of Stinger) out of cover band obscurity and molded into a real vocal force. The rest of the band is white-hot with great rhythm and groove and lots of blazing solos. The EP kicks off in high gear with ‘Speed Demon’ and drives straight to the horizon and never looks back until the final, softer acoustic rendition of ‘Black Widow’, which actually extends the song considerably.

The LUCID SCREAM EP is a very strong debut. In a city where this sound is not as popular as the death/thrash sound, the band certainly have enough skill and unique features to appeal to a crowd that doesn’t always want to hear the harsher vocal styles.
Track Listing

1. Speed Demon
2. Black Widow
3. All For Nothin'
4. Blood On My Hands
5. The Evil
6. Black Widow (acoustic)


Eric Paulin - Vocals
Shaddy Elsaghir - Guitar
Chris LoNigro - Guitar
Zach Mansfield - Bass
Tyler Murzyn - Drums

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