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Lost Breed
A Thousand Ways To Hurt
August 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

This four song EP from Italy’s Lost Breed shows that there are new thrash metal bands out there that doesn’t go to the black metal route (like The Crown or Carnal Forge for example). It also proves the there is more to Italy then “Hobbit Metal.” Even though I dearly love hobbit metal, it’s nice to hear more diversity coming from there!

In some places, Lost Breed reminds me of thrash bands of old such as Death Angel and Forbidden. This is mainly due to the versatile vocal styling of Ricky DC. The vocals pierce the ears like a razor-sharp knife. A few death metal growls make their way into most songs and it’s a refreshing addition. It’s attention grabbing when you hear a high-powered wail followed by a demonic growl!! The best track on here is the opener “Black Knowledge.” The riffing on here begins by sounding like a cross between an Entombed riff mixed with Testament’s “Over The Wall”…at least that what I hear in it! Lots of thick crunching guitars, double kicks, time changes, etc. - great stuff! I bet fans of Forbidden, Testament, Death Angel, Agent Steel…. basically anyone who like the heavy thrash with screamed vocals will immediately love this stuff. Two other lesser known bands come to mind when listening to this EP and that is Unleashed Power and Harrow. Imagine U.P.’s thrash sound with the vocals a couple octaves higher or imagine Harrow’s (unfortunately now defunct) thrashy power metal sound turned up a notch on the heaviness scale!! “Elisir” is the second track on here and it has more of the death growls on the vocals then the opener. It’s not overdone, so if you’re one of those people who dislike growled vocals then don’t sweat it. “Pilgrim Through Sorrow (Roaming Begins)” shows another completely different side to the band with gentle vocals, clean guitars and backing keys for atmosphere. A great vocalist can be found here as more space is given to allow him to shine!! This song is all acoustic/slow yet it’s hardly boring! The EP closes with “Pilgram Through Sorrow (Terminus Drawn Near).” It’s similar in style to the opening two tracks, only not quite as catchy.

The band is reportedly working on their full-length album. I look forward to checking that out and hearing how they have advanced!!! Hopefully the next album will be on a label, or distributed properly, because Lost Breed are (for now) a hidden gem in the thrash metal scene! You can read more about the band on their website at
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