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The Apostate
September 2003
Released: 2003, Listenable
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Luciferion are back!! Well, in all honesty I should not pretend to be excited because I missed the 1994 debut but now I regret missing it. Eight or nine years later this Swedish four piece are back with a long-ish EP. I call it an EP because there are four new songs, a cover tune and a demo from 1994 which most of made it onto the debut album. The presentation is not bad but I’d rather have a new full length CD. I’ll say it again. Do we need another cover of Celtic Frosts-Circle of The Tyrant? The demos tunes are all very cool but I have not heard the songs form the debut so cannot compare yet.

Luciferion, featuring a couple of dudes form the power metal outfit Lost Horizon, play a very cool brand of intense death thrash with lots of musicality, blazing solos, atmospheric breaks, keyboards, spoken word parts, and raw vocals. The centerpiece of this album is a nine+ minute title track. The CD starts with a fairly long spoken word sample simply called ‘Intro’ that is haunting and memorable, but I can’t place it! ‘The Apostate’ is a magnificent song with many styles and moods. Part II is a simple, ambient keyboard piece subtitled ‘Transcendental Fusion’.

The production is spot on the double guitar attack of Lisicki and Nicklasson (Dark Tranquility) are right in your face. The solos just shred! These guys are not afraid to play guitar! I might have liked the vocals a bit farther up in the mix but I think they were deliberately going for a spacey ambient and layered vocal sound. The fairly predominant use of keys are relevant in almost every song but they never overshadow the two guitars. The tempos of the songs are almost always fast, lots of double kick but not over-emphasis on blast-beats. The cymbal sound is good his splashes sound like china’s to me at times.

The overall feeling of speed and aggression, combined with the samples twists and turns, keyboards make this a death-thrash fans dream. They remind me oddly enough of Demolition Hammer but a weird European version with keyboards. A truly welcome CD to blast away the summer doldrums while we all wait for the new Iron Maiden. Visit
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. The Apostate
3. Become Or Begone
4. Destroying By Will
5. New world To See
6. Circle of The Tyrants

1994 demo tracks

7. Rebel Soul
8. The Voyager
9. Satan’s Gift (The Crown of Thorns)
10. Graced By Fire
11. Hymns of The Immortals


Wojtek Lisicki-vocals, Guitar
Michael Nicklasson-Guitar
Martin Furangen-Bass
Hans Nilsson-Drums



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