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Vol. 4
May 2006
Released: 2005, Century Media
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

This album sounds like something I’d hear on the alternative rock radio stations in my area, so I am immediately on edge. The anti-anything-popular attitude implanted into my mind long ago tells me I shouldn’t like this, it’s too catchy, too poppy, the songs are too short; it’s just not metal enough. But they are heavy, they rock, the chick can sing. I like the speed of the songs, perhaps because I’m on a speed power metal kick recently, and it’s a strong combination of heaviness to headbang to and vocal melodies to sing along to.

The first track, "Perfect Tonight," is the most poppy, and once you hear it, it will be stuck in your head, guaranteed. They keep up the pace through "Stranger in You," which I have to say is the song I like best; they mix things up a bit with some slow parts that lead into the booming chorus with a cheesy but cool vocal line I can’t help but sing as well. It’s after that when they slow it down with a ballad, "Heart Shaped Scars." It’s painfully reminiscent of pop star Avril Lavigne’s work. They don’t pick it up again until track seven, another song I like: "Killing Time." They carry me through strong for the rest of the album, and I find my opinion has changed from the skepticism at the beginning.

The last thing I want is to come across as someone closed-minded to anything other than metal; that’s certainly not the case. Lullacry has indeed rocked me. They’ve put together an album of catchy songs that if you gave them a listen, they will most likely hook you too, whether you like it or not.
Track Listing

1. Perfect Tonight
2. Love, Lust, Desire
3. Fire Within
4. Stranger in You
5. Heart Shaped Scars
6. Soul in Half
7. Killing Time
8. I Want You
9. King of Pain
10. Zero


Sauli Kivilahti - guitar
Tanja - voclas
Heavy - bass
Sami Vauhkonen - lead guitar
Jukka Outinen - drums

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