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March 2003
Released: 2003, Spinefarm / Century Media
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Modern Heavy Metal mixed with some groovy Rock elements is what Finnish Lullacry offers on their hectically expected 3rd album. This is also the first album for the band´s new vocalist Tanja who replaced the ex-vocalist Tanya in the first half of 2002. The band released a brand-new CD-single titled “Don´t Touch the Flame” prior to the new album as a convincing enough appetizer about Tanja´s skills to fit in the band as the new front lady. The CD-single had a really positive impact on me, so I guess I was privileged by my own expectations to expect quite much from their forth-coming album as well.

“Alright Tonight” comes out first and I realized right away that the Lullacry team has really worked their asses off for this album. Some groovy ´sentenced-esque´ guitar riffs and melodies spiced with Tanja´s incredibly good vocals are the two carrying forces of the song. The whole song reeks of a certain ultimate catchiness that appeals to you right from the start and won´t let go. The same words could be used for the next song – and the title track “Crucify My Heart” that speaks for the band´s hard efforts to make their songs stand out easily and without too much effort given to them. And believe me there´s no sign of stopping in sight for their attempts to boot the rest of the songs on CRUCIFY MY HEART in the air with a huge dose of conviction and a truly professional mentality in order to prove to everyone that they are entertaining with all the eleven songs they have successfully gathered for this particular, may I say, ´breakthrough´ album. This certainly is the very album that should bring Lullacry to the next level on their path to success and fame if the world of both Metal and Rock has any justice for a groovily storming act like they have become these days. Luckily I also have to announce that the most obvious influence from Sentenced´s musical realm of melodies and melancholic vibes have partly been shadowed away by such songs as “Every Single Day” and “Pitch Black Emotions”. Both can hardly be traced from any albums of our beloved ´Northernmost Killers´ when trying to look at it under a critical magnifying class. But let´s face the facts, ending up sounding like Sentenced strangely seems to be the curse of many other bands here in Finland nowadays, so I guess we cannot blame them too much for that either.

As far as the vocal department in Lullacry is concerned, compared to their ex-vocalist Tanya, in my honest opinion Tanja is far more sensitive and has a little bit more warmth and depth in her voice than Tanya had. That´s how my ears want to judge her strong vocal delivery and make sort of a comparison between these two fine ´Metal Queens´. Some prefer Tanja to Tanya; some Tanya to Tanja. It´s in the ears of a listener really.

Nonetheless, CRUCIFY MY HEART will undoubtedly be the album from Lullacry that should bring them closer to the limelights of the Rock/Metal scene. That is, if I can predict the future this far. A rather stunningly impressive album this is all in all if I dare to claim so…
Track Listing

01. Alright Tonight
02. Crucify My Heart
03. Don´t Touch the Flame
04. Every Single Day
05. Pitch Black Emotions
06. Unchain
07. Nothing to Lose
08. Heart of Darkness
09. This Time
10. Over Me
11. Better Days


Tanja – Vocals
Sami Vauhkonen – Lead Guitar
Sauli Kivilahti – Guitar
Heavy – Bass
Jukka Outinen – Drums

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