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Lucid Dream
Visions From Cosmos 11
July 2011
Released: 2011, Unsigned
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Guitarist Simone Terigi formed the Italian band Lucid Dream in 2009 with a definite vision to play retro-metal with modern sonics. This is not a unique premise, as retro-metal has been sweeping the world for some time now. Fortunately, the band he formed is each and everyone capable of pulling this off, as all their influences are combined into an enjoyable and upbeat album. Somewhat confusingly, about 5 bands around the world have the name Lucid Dream(s), including a French Band, a UK band, a Christian Rap band and, well you get the picture. A name change might be in order to further separate from the pack, because Lucid Dream deserves recognition.

Man, all I can say is that I am digging this album. Album opener “Holy Rage” is just one example of the styles and influences that abound on VISIONS FROM COSMOS 11, this track hearkening to the glory days of NWOBHM with nods to Eric Wagner’s vocals as well as oft forgotten 80’s band Alias. Just when you think that the opener has allowed you to take the band’s measure, they follow up with the bouncy, happy rock of the Tygers of Pan Tang inflected “Cosmos 1”. Next follows a nod to Satriani on the instrumental “11”, which I guess should not be a surprise, as bass player Gianluca Eroico was a member of a Joe Satriani tribute band. The remaining six tracks are all worthy tunes, making this one of those rare albums that is devoid of filler. Highlights would be the impressive vocals of Alessio Calandriello, who strongly resembles a mix of Rik Emmet of Triumph and Eric Wagner, but is more capable than Rik in the lower registers. Terigi’s guitar playing is clean, technical, and melodic without being bombastic or self-indulgent. The riffs are happy, rollicking affairs that help propel what I would call a perfect driving-in-the car-album, with the rhythm section laying down an impregnable foundation.

Lucid Dream has made a self-produced album that sounds fresh and inspired. They have established the right combination of retro-metal and classic rock influences that combine the best of Triumph, and Tygers of Pan Tang with the more progressive elements of Joe Satriani and Shok Paris. I really have no complaints; this is just a solid and well-executed album. The production is quite decent as well, and would not doubt really sizzle with big label backing. I heartily endorse this album for fans of Tygers of Pan Tang, Joe Satriani, Whitesnake and similar hard rock/metal bands.
Track Listing

1. Holy rage

2. Cosmos 11

3. Fallin'

4. In the moment

5. Night feel

6. Get up

7. Underground

8. Sun and sun

9. Through the years


Simone Terigi - Guitars
Alessio Calandriello - Voice
Gianluca Eroico - Bass
Paolo Raffo - Drums

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