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Eve Of Corruption-The Days Of Astasia:Part One
January 2012
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Ever since I saw the cover art posted on-line, I figured this might be up my alley. Once again my razor-sharp(ha!) instincts did not lead me astray. Lorenguard’s EVE OF CORRUPTION, released in December found it’s way into my Top 10 quite late on the year. For an independent production it’s a fantastic piece of work. This new band out of the US, have released their debut and with the ‘Part One’ in the title hopefully we can expect more!

Lorenguard are one of the new, young hungry bands following in the footsteps of their forefathers in the epic, symphonic Power Metal realm. I’m personally delighted that young artists take up the styles, sounds of the older bands like Rhapsody. The sound as mentioned is pretty epic with four cuts breaking the seven minute mark and the 10 pieces tell the tale of Athland in just over an hour.

The compositions are mostly fast with ‘Wrath Divine’ being a speedy highlight. There are plenty of softer moments like the acoustic intro into the ‘Dragonsbane’, and lots of other atmospheric components scattered through the songs. The vocals are big and choir-like across the album as well and the main singer, are clear and powerful but never to yelping or high-pitched. The whole album has a big Metal soundtrack feel to it bringing the story to life.

The packaging on this is top notch. When a band takes the time to invest in creating a nice presentation it shows they care and presentation is especially important when it comes to concept albums so the listener can get the bigger picture. Lorenguard did a great package. It’s a nice digi-pak with a gorgeous cover by Julie Dillon. Each page has the lyrics and each set of lyrics comes with a piece of art that ties into the storyline. There is also an overview of the storyline and each member of the seven piece band relates to a character. It looks and feels epic. Check out her site at

Lorenguard have done everything right, in terms of my tastes in Metal; nice package, great production, good lyrics, good performances and most of all good songs. You can’t ask for more, except maybe for THE DAYS OFASTASIA-PART TWO!
Track Listing

1. Eve of Corruption
2. Upon the Burning Isles
3. The Greenstone
4. Black Sails and Phoenix Flames
5. Secrets of the Spire
6. Wrath Divine
7. Dragonsbane
8. The Prince and the Pariah
9. Embrace
10. Hands of Chaos


Robb Graves-Vocals
Raleigh Barrett-Narrations
Chris Cruz -Guitars
Dave Schneide- Guitars
Alec Biccum-Keyboards
Adam Sadler-Bass
Brady Sadler-Drums

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